Bad Latest News on NPC 2023: NGO To Sue NPC For Violating Procurement Act

Latest News on NPC 2023 NGO To Sue NPC For Violating Procurement Act

NGO To File Lawsuit Against NPC For Breach Of Procurement Act In Billions Census Deal

In order to justify the selection of preferred bidders in the bidding process for the purchase of multi-billion naira worth of equipment for the 2023 census, the Nigerian Population Commission (NPC) has been asked.

In a letter that The Whistler was able to receive, the Network for the Actualization of Social Growth and Viable Development (NEFGAD) made the demand and vowed to sue the NPC.

The NPC was accused by NEFGAD of breaking various provisions of the Procurement Act 2007 by awarding contracts without following due process in a letter headlined “NGO Threatens to Suit NPC Over Misprocurement and Expense of 2023 Census,” signed by Akingunola Omoniyi and addressed to the NPC Chairman.

In its complaint, the organization claimed that the NPC “circumvented open competitive bidding during bid solicitation in the procurement process for the award of a contract for the procurement of personal digital assistants (PDAs) and the designing of an e-recruitment portal for the conduct of the 2023 Census.”

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The NPC, a census-conducting organization, will conduct the 2023 census from May 3 to May 5, according to a statement from the Nigerian government.

The most recent census took place in 2006.

The conduct of the census would be funded with N869 billion ($1.88 billion), according to Clem Agba, Minister of State Finance, Budget, and National Planning.

This is almost twice as much as the expected budget of N532.7bn for the exercise in November 2022 that was disclosed by the NPC.

According to the NEFGAD, the NPC must provide documentation proving that it selected Messrs. Zinox, Manifold Computer Ltd., Digital Direct Ltd., Mahib Global Vent, Tartan Engineering Ltd., and International Control system as preferred bids.

The organization demanded the Commission’s methodology for determining “project cost/price at all intervals or stages of pricing that indicates you have observed or received strict secrecy and that you have not asked for clarification in a manner prohibited by the public procurement act.”

“Your unit rates of N110,242.39 for personal digital assistants, N15,750.00 for backpacks with protective pouches, and N960,000,000 for estimated logistics are grossly exaggerated, and your approach to the entire exercise suggested high-level internal collusion between the Commission and the selected bidders.”

“Among several violations found throughout the process, your Commission adopted a customs duty percentage of 20.24%, which is higher than the government-approved rate of 20% for electronic devices.”

that your office violates the Public Procurement Act by maintaining unwholesome contact with “selected” bidders.

The NGO further demanded evidence that the NPC complied with the Federal Executive Council’s directive about 40% local content.

If the Commission does not provide justification for why it should refrain from taking such action, NEFGAD has decided to “sue the NPC for violation of the Procurement Act.”

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