On condition: NPC Says No Training For Applicants Whose Status Are Pending 2023 

On condition: NPC Says No Training For Applicants Whose Status Are Pending 2023 

The National Population Commission (NPC) management has made it clear that candidates whose application status is still listed as “pending” won’t receive any training.

The commission claims that such applicants won’t receive training or be hired until their status is “approved”.

The commission revealed this in response to a query from a potential ad hoc staff member about the progress of applications for the conduct of Nigeria’s population and housing census in 2023 via its verified Facebook page.

The applicant asked: “Please sir, if they did not approve you can you go to the training center or not?.”

Good morning, but you are unable to attend the course. Only screened candidates who pass receive approval for their status. After updating their information on the portal, they receive a call for training.

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According to the NPC’s aforementioned statement, “only successful screened candidates get their status approved.” While arewafact.com.ng has seen numerous applicants who did not participate in the NPC screening but were still approved,

Some of the participants in the screening are still listed as “pending,” though. Comment below with your comments on the NPC hiring process and the status of your application.

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