Announcement to those who will fill out the federal road safety corps application 2023 (FRSC)

Announcement to those who will fill out the federal road safety corps application 2023 (FRSC)

Federal Road Safety Corps It is good before a person fills in any form of the portal to make sure he has read the rules and regulations before entering his information to avoid mistakes, because few mistakes. makes a person disqualified.

Remember that there are about a million people who will fill in and only five thousand people will be taken in. There are some things that if you don’t make a mistake in filling out the automatic computer (programming) you will be disqualified, for example in the case of (Health challenge “yes/no”, if you don’t answer “yes” then you don’t have to wait.

And in terms of height, they say no less than 1.67m, if you are less than that, you are automatically disqualified, etc.). frsc-recruitment-2023-check-the-approval-way-to-register-successfully-with-the-link

Then there are some things to note, and they are very important, like this: Passport (photo):

It’s very nice to take a decent photo, a good photo, no hat, no glasses, and open the eyes in the photon.

Email: it is good that your email is matured, do not use an email that does not have a nickname in the body, for example or another and so on, your email should be your name.

Address: this is very important, when entering the address, remember the house number and line, not only the name of the town you will enter.

Age: Your age should not be different from your NATIONAL IDENTITY NUMBER NIN, and should not exceed 35.

The most important thing is to pray after you are done. God bless you.

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