Ingryd Scholarship Program: Govt Releases New Application Link For Free Training on 4 Tech Skills/Job Offer

Ingryd Scholarship Program: Govt Releases New Application Link For Free Training on 4 Tech Skills/Job Offer

Ingryd Scholarship Program

Ingryd Scholarship Program: Aiming to provide mid-level tech talent with in-demand tech skills including cybersecurity, Linux, Java, and data science, the Ingryd Scholarship Program (ISP) offers job placements to participants upon completion of training. INGRID plans to teach 4,000 people a year. A three-month paid internship is part of the program’s six-month curriculum, which gives participants the chance to put their newly learned abilities to use in the real world.


LAGOS STATE EMPLOYMENT TRUST FUND and INGRYD are working together to realize this joint aim. The collaboration between LSETF and the INGRYD Scholarship Program is a prime example of the shared vision of two organizations that are fervently dedicated to influencing the development of tech talent in Africa.

They hope to establish an environment where creativity grows, tech jobs prosper, and Africa’s tech potential is fully fulfilled by utilizing each other’s capabilities. This pledge demonstrates the program’s commitment to developing tech talent and advancing development throughout Africa.

Ingryd Scholarship REQUIREMENTS

  • Age requirement: 22–40 years old.
  • must have at least two years of previous training track experience.
  • must hold a bachelor’s degree or above as a minimum.
  • Must be able to finish three to six months of intense training.
  • Internet access is required for the duration of the program.
  • For a hybrid degree, you must be able to attend classes twice a week and be accessible for virtual classes every day.
  • Need a dependable way to get to and from in-person classes.

COURSES PROVIDED Under the scholarship scheme:

  • Linux
  • Java
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity


  • Make an account
  • Finish the test with a score of 65% or above.
  • Obtain a code to receive a 100% scholarship.
  • Should you fail to meet the passing score, you will have the option to enroll in a different cohort and pay a reduced price for the training.

Click HERE to get further information and apply

Acceptance of Policy

At the end of the first page of the application you will get this announcement.

We adhere to the NDPR. By checking this box, you consent to LSETF storing and using your data in line with our privacy policy.

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