3mtt Registration Portal – 3MTT NITDA gov ng Registration Form – Login Fellow.3mtt.training – 3mtt portal

3mtt Registration Portal – 3MTT NITDA gov ng Registration Form – Login Fellow.3mtt.training – 3mtt portal

3mtt Registration Portal – 3MTT NITDA gov ng Registration Form – Login Fellow.3mtt.training – 3MTT portal: The first phase of the 3 Million Technical Talent 3MTT program has been launched by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

What is 3MTT?

The 3MTT is a large government plan. This was announced to the public on Friday by Dr. Bosun Tijani, the government’s principal liaison for digital and communication affairs. Part of a larger initiative known as Renewed Hope is this program. Its task is to fortify Nigeria’s technological capabilities. Nigeria aspires to be recognized for producing a large number of skilled workers.

The government will collaborate with other parties including a group known as NITDA. They will select those who love having a certain expertise. Their training will be funded by the government.

Benefits of Applying for 3MTT NITDA gov ng Registration Form In this situation we are Nigerians.

Dr. Tijani stated that their initial goal was to train 30,000 individuals. Just 1% of the entire amount they desire is this. For this, they have a strategy. To create this plan, they held talks with other groups.

Many skills will be taught to people. Among them are:

  • How to use the cloud.
  • How to understand data.
  • How to manage projects on the computer.
  • How to sell things online (Digital Marketing).
  • How to create aesthetically pleasing websites (UX/UI Design, Graphics Design).

and plenty more.

The 3MTT NITDA gov ng Program’s Three Steps 

Regarding the 3MTT NITDA gov ng program, Dr. Tijani discussed a regulation. This is what we call the “1%-10%-100% Rule.” This is analogous to a map. It facilitates the government’s efficient operation. It aids in their cost-saving and proper execution.

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The rule has 3 steps for 3MTT NITDA gov ng:

  • Prototyping (1%) – This resembles an exam. They test little ideas to discover if they are effective.
  • Piloting (10%) – It resembles a scaled-down version. They work in small groups.
  • Scaling (100%) – It’s the large version. They do it in large groups.
  • How to Register 3MTT NITDA gov ng or get the 3MTT Nitda Registration Form.

There is a government initiative known as 3MTT (3MTT NITDA gov ng). It’s to provide computer knowledge to Nigerians. This aids Nigeria in gaining more digital jobs. By 2025, they hope to have many jobs. This is being worked on by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and other organizations.

Twelve distinct tech areas will be covered in the first section. Creating software, creating websites, comprehending data, and animating are a few instances. Joining this training is free of charge.

Businesses may participate in this as well. These are abilities they can impart. A corporation can join even if it doesn’t have a building. However, the business must locate a location for instruction in case it becomes necessary.

  • Desire to participate in this program (3MTT NITDA gov ng)? It’s easy and cost-free. This is how to sign up:
  • Go to the website using this link: https://3mtt.nitda.gov.ng or you can go directly to this https://fellow.3mtt.training/.
  • A few details are required, such as your phone number, email address, and NIN.
  • Filling out a form is required. It will ask about your previous skill set and employment history.
  • Next, pick a tech subject you want to study from the list.
  • Once filled out completely, submit the form.
  • Next, pause. You will receive an email from them later.

Recall that all of this is in English. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up new IT skills at no cost. The government anticipates that this would aid Nigeria’s digital development. Towards more tech jobs in the nation, is a significant step.

Recall, that this is a favorable opportunity. The government aims to support education. Their goal is for Nigeria to become a tech powerhouse. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

NITDA 3MTT Program Updates and Latest News

The Nigerian government is organizing the next steps in a large-scale technological training initiative. The 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT NITDA gov ng) program is a highly well-liked initiative. More than a million individuals have registered intending to learn new tech skills.

Dr. Bosun Tijani, the head of digital affairs, adds that instructions for sign-ups will be sent out shortly. He shared this information online and encouraged people to check their emails. In a day, they will have additional information.

Dr. Tijani also demonstrated the desire of over 1,400 organizations and approximately 18,644 firms to participate in the program.

A major corporation will fund the initiative. They’ll provide N1 billion. This will contribute to the cost of three-year educational institutions.

In four years, the government hopes to train three million people in technology.

Three steps will comprise the 3MTT NITDA going training:

  • 30,000 persons will first be informed.
  • 300,000 people will then be informed.
  • After that, the remaining 3 million will continue to learn.
  • Participants in the class will pick up various tech skills.

They will learn things like:

  • How to Sell Things Online (Digital Marketing)
  • Organizing customized programming for projects
  • Utilizing cloud services to comprehend data (visualization and analysis)
  • Optimizing webpages for search engines
  • Utilizing software to manage client interactions (CRM Management)
  • Using software for financial tasks.
  • UX/UI and graphic design, or the design of user interfaces and experiences.
  • Because they enable people to use technology more effectively for work, these abilities are crucial.

FAQs on Nigeria’s 3 Million Technical Talent Programmes portal link (3MTT NITDA.gov.ng)

Who is eligible to participate in the 3MTT NITDA government program?

All Nigerians are eligible to apply for the 3MTT program, regardless of their age, gender, or level of education. Participants must be eager to pick up and use technical knowledge.

Which technological skills will the 3MTT curriculum teach?

A broad spectrum of technological abilities, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, and software development, will be covered in the 3MTT curriculum. Soft skills like problem-solving, cooperation, and communication will also be taught to participants.

What is the cost of enrolling in the 3MTT program?

Participants in the 3MTT program do not need to pay anything.

In what location will the 3MTT NITDA government program be held?

The 3MTT program will be conducted in Nigerian training facilities.

After finishing the 3MTT NITDA gov ng program, what will I receive?

After completing the 3MTT program successfully, participants will be given a certificate of completion and help finding employment.

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