We need 885,000 people to conduct the 2023 Population Census Our Problem is this

We need 885,000 people to conduct the 2023 Population Census Our Problem is this –

2023 Population Census
2023 Population Census

We Against Rigged Population Census in 2023 –

Including information about race and religion will hinder the census project – James Emejo and Emmanuel Addeh in Abuja –

2023 Population Census – The federal government is looking into making extensive use of technology, according to Prince Clem Agba, Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, in order to make sure that the population and housing census in 2023 remains credible, reliable, and whose results would be generally accepted.

Addressing at a high-level meeting with funders and important players about funding the census, he asked for their assistance in purchasing pertinent capturing tools that would make the results undeniable.

Agba declared, “We need 885,000 people to conduct the census, but there are now only 350,000 tablets available for them to utilize. More than half of the standards are already met.

“Because we want each enumerator to have a tablet and not for them to share; if they do, it opens the door for rigging and we don’t want to rig the census,” the spokesperson said. “These tablets will automatically submit the figures as they are worked,” he declared. It automatically uploads the information that has been provided as they visit each home and collect the data. He explained that the general election had caused the census to be moved from March 2023 to May 2023. The head count, according to the minister, is a computerized, environmentally friendly, and innovative census that adheres to global best practices.

Despite the expense and activity associated with the election, he claimed that the federal government had shown a high level of political and financial commitment to the census effort. ( 2023 Population Census ).

2023 Population Census
2023 Population Census

He estimated that N869 billion (or $1.88 billion) would be needed in total to cover the cost of the headcount and post-census activities.

According to him, the federal government has so far allocated N291.5 billion (about $632 million) for the census, or 46% of the total amount needed.

However, Agba clarified that N327.2 billion (about $709.9 million) was needed to finish the 2023 Population Census )..

In the meantime, the federal government yesterday maintained that it will not include data on Nigerians’ race or religion in the projected 2023 population census because it could compromise the project.

The National Population Commission’s (NPC) Director of Public Affairs, Dr. Isiaka Yahaya, argued that the budgeted sum for the initiative was legitimate and that over a million Nigerians will participate in it while speaking on Arise Television, THISDAY’s broadcast arm.

The NPC claimed that previous censuses had been hampered by the extremely touchy subjects of religion and ethnicity in Nigeria, emphasizing that it was not willing to take the same path this time. It did point out that those factors might be used in other local surveys though..

“The commission gave these some very serious thought. In surveys as well as censuses, it goes without saying that every religion and ethnicity is significant since it provides context for understanding how part of the data was produced. ( 2023 Population Census ).

But, we are in a rare scenario where these two issues have caused controversy and have the potential to scuttle the entire census project. You may envision coming up with data tomorrow to show that Christians outnumber Muslims or even that Hausa outnumber Yoruba. We will just become mired in pointless controversy while omitting the crucial information we require, such as statistics on unemployment, the availability of infrastructure, education, and other topics.

We don’t want issues of this nature to diminish the value of the census. Due to this, we are omitting the ethnicity and/or religion for the time being. When you think about it, neither ethnicity nor religion have any bearing on the data we’re going to produce. To allocate cash or resources for education and health, the census data is employed. To allocate cash or resources for education and health, the census data is employed. It makes no difference if you are Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, or a Christian or a Muslim.

So, Yahaya said, “We shouldn’t let this data, which is regrettably highly contentious in our position, prevent us from reaping the immeasurable benefits that will result from this census. It won’t be there, but we still do it for other surveys that we perform.

Yahaya explained that the proposed census will serve a number of functions in addition to counting Nigerians, which is why the expense was so enormous. “Around one million Nigerians would be engaged, and even if you pay each of them just N150,000, that’s a lot of money and has practically put you in the hundreds of billions of dollars, not to mention the money you’ll pay for the enumeration process. ( 2023 Population Census ).

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( 2023 Population Census ).

As a result, the cost is not excessive, but you should also be aware that the census itself is a program for economic empowerment because millions of Nigerians will receive monies as a result of it. This one will be used to revive the economy. Thus, it is not a sudden event, and it is also a worthwhile investment. When compared to the budget for the census, the overall budget for Nigeria, for instance, in 2022, is just about 2% of the whole budget.

He said, “This could not have been too much for you to have sustainable development, to have data that you use to plan how to spend not only the budget for this year, but even for the next 10 years that the census data will be used for planning purposes. The NPC also emphasized that the census process will be paperless, referring to it as “green” so as to prevent contributing to the cutting down of trees and environmental harm.

“Every stakeholder is concerned about the worsening climate situation with reference to the green census. This is what we mean by “green census,” and the national population commission will also need to follow this approach.

In other words, if the ( 2023 Population Census ). were to be conducted as in years past, when we used a ton of paper, a ton of trees would need to be cut down. Yet, given the magnitude of Nigeria’s population, we won’t spend millions of dollars this time to do this.

We will thus utilize a personal digital assistant for this task. In this sense, the term “green census” is used. The use of paper to count a 200 million person nation will undoubtedly have a severe effect on the environment, he continued. ( 2023 Population Census ).

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