Unbelievable Reasons: NPC suspends ad hoc staff payments  2023 Census Problem

Unbelievable Reasons: NPC suspends ad hoc staff payments  2023 Census Problem

Ad hoc staff payments since they won’t be performing any field work following the indefinite postponement of the 2023 census, the National Population Commission has stated that it will not move forward with the payment for ad hoc staff.

Dr. Inuwa Jalingo, the NPC Census Manager, stated this during a press conference on Sunday in Abuja.

Additionally, he mentioned that the commission would probably pay for users’ data costs if they were to engage in online activity.

Ad hoc staff payments – “Functionaries receive pay-as-you-go compensation. Field employees cannot be paid for work that is not completed. The budget for the census is predicated on the assumption that you will work and will be paid a certain amount each day.

“They won’t be compensated as long as they aren’t participating in the work. To encourage online training participation from those we are engaging, we will pay for their data costs, according to Jalingo.

He added that the census was technically ready to be conducted and that preparations were still being made.

He continued by saying that the commission possessed geospatial information on Nigeria that other government organizations have utilised for their operations.

He added that the commission had already sent all of the over 400,000 gadgets it already has to Central Bank of Nigeria offices spread out throughout the states in order to conduct the census.

In a separate speech, Dr. Isiaka Yahaya, Director of the NPC’s Public Affairs Department, urged Nigerians to reject the myth that the census’ postponement was caused by a lack of finance and insufficient planning on the part of the commission.

Yahaya observed that by delaying the census, the country gained significantly more time to continue preparations for obtaining accurate data that would support planning rather than losing anything.

The commission also stated that it was prepared to carry out the National Housing and Population Census but was awaiting approval from President-elect Bola Tinubu’s administration.

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