Today’s Good News Concerning Youth Empowerment Program In Nigeria 2024

Today’s Good News Concerning Youth Empowerment Program In Nigeria 2024

Empowerment Program In Nigeria 2024: World Bank and Nigeria’s Minister of Youth Development Work Together to Empower Youth. Dr. Jamila Bio-Ibrahim, the Minister of Youth Development, has reaffirmed the commitment of her ministry to working with the World Bank to improve the lives of Nigerian youth.

While on a working visit from a World Bank West Africa mission, the minister conveyed gratitude for the World Bank’s endeavors to provide Nigerian youth with entrepreneurial abilities for an improved future.

In her remarks, Dr. Jamila Bio-Ibrahim stressed the value of collaboration and preventing effort duplication in skill-development programs. She emphasized the substantial investment of more than 45 million euros made by the European Union in the Jubilee fellowship program and expressed hope that this investment would yield noticeable outcomes.

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Tekabe Ayalew Belay, the head of the World Bank mission, said that the organization’s primary focus is on youth employment and skill engagement. The delegation’s goals are to examine the difficulties young people in developing nations confront and investigate potential solutions for the government.

In addition to highlighting the needtenhanceeg the skills of young people in Nigeria, Tekabe Ayalew Belay outlined the goals of the cooperation, which included collaborating with the Ministry of Youth Development and producing a thorough report with data-driven insights.

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To achieve credible impacts, he emphasized the necessity for institutional frameworks once more, demonstrating the combined effort’s dedication to improving young empowerment in Nigeria.

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