TEF Grant 2024 – An Easy Guide To Your Application

TEF Grant 2024 – An Easy Guide To Your Application

TEF Grant 2024: The leading African advocate for entrepreneurship and economic development is the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF). FAQs regarding the TEF2024 grant application frequently asked questions. There are still applications being accepted.

Q. How can I submit a TEF grant application?

A business with scalable business ideas or one that has been in existence for no more than three years is eligible to apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, which is accessible to Africans from all 54 African countries. Applicants need to be at least eighteen years old. Interested candidates can register at  www.tefconnect.com 

Q. Is it necessary to pay a registration fee before submitting a TEF application?

A: TEF has not designated any individual to carry out any portion of this program on her behalf. This is a free online program that you can access! It is a scam if someone asks you to pay any sum of money to have your business plan or pitch developed. Kindly notify us of it right away by emailing tefimpact@tonyelumelufoundation.org. We’ll make sure your information is kept private.

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Q: I registered on tefconnect.net, but I never got a confirmation email.

A: Please be sure you look for confirmation emails in your rubbish, spam, promotional, and inbox mailboxes. Make sure to email this person at enquiries@tonyelumelufoundation.org for any further assistance.  

Q: I’m having trouble clicking “CONTINUE” to proceed to the next section of my application on tefconnect.com. Could you possibly assist me?

A: Please email if you run into any problems filling out your application.  enquiries@tonyelumelufoundation.org 

Provide thorough reference, using text, images, or videos, and we’ll get it fixed right away.

Q. Can I apply using my student ID?

A: Your application will be rejected if you provide any other form of identification than those granted by the government.

Q: I can’t seem to upload my picture or ID. Why?

A: Please make sure the Jpeg or PNG file you are submitting is no larger than 1 MB. Please send a screenshot of the error message if the problem continues. enquiries@tonyelumelufoundation.org 

Q: Who can apply?

A: Africans from all 54 African countries who have scalable company ideas or enterprises that have been operating for zero to five years are eligible to apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme.

Q. What comes next after applying TEFConnect?

A. Notification regarding your application’s status will be sent to you after it has been successfully submitted.

Q. What should I do if my registered email address isn’t working to log in?

A: Please submit an email with specific details about the problem to enquiries@tonyelumelufoundation.org if you have any trouble logging in. We will take care of it right away. Could you provide us with a detailed explanation of the difficulties you have logging in? Please email us a screenshot of the issue as well, if you can.

Here is the link to apply: Apply – Tony Elumelu Foundation Application 2024 TEF Entrepreneurship Program 2024

Q. Can I reapply if my previous application was denied?

A: Sure, we do advise you to reapply for our program till you receive acceptance.

Q. Is it feasible for a couple to submit separate applications for the TEF Entrepreneurship Program?

A: It is not permitted for members of the same family to apply to the Program; doing so will result in disqualification.

Q. I’ve got two concepts. Is it possible for me to submit them individually?

A: Regretfully, the Foundation does not permit this. It is anticipated that applicants will only submit one current business or business concept. Those who apply more than once during the same cycle or in separate cycles will not be accepted.

Q. What files must we upload with our application?

A: You must upload the following papers when completing the TEFConnect application form. Additionally, while applying to the program, please make sure that the phone number you use is active on WhatsApp. The files are:

1. A valid ID from the government—this is a universal requirement.

2. Official Certificate of Business Registration for Existing Businesses

3. Formal Proof of Business Ownership: Companies that are currently in operation

4. Official Verification of Directors: Active Businesses

5. Formal Approval from Partners: This pertains to companies that have partners.

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