State Governor grants primary school teachers housing and car loans totaling N200 million

State Governor grants primary school teachers housing and car loans totaling N200 million

Loans News: The governor of Ekiti State, Biodun Oyebanji, has authorized the transfer of N200 million to elementary school teachers in the state for housing and vehicle loans.

“This fulfills the governor’s commitment to guarantee that educators in the state’s public primary schools begin to experience some of the benefits that their counterparts in secondary schools enjoy,” said Yinka Oyebode, the governor’s special assistant on media.

Oyebode stated in a statement made public on Thursday in Ado Ekiti, the state capital, that “the governor’s directive has been made followed by paying the initial payment of N50m into the pool for January.

“The loans for cars and houses are revolving. Typically, as recipients meet their monthly repayment responsibilities, the fund pool is refilled.

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During a meeting with state education sector secretaries last month, Oyebanji pledged to reconsider the policy that had previously discriminated against elementary school teachers when it came to the distribution of housing and auto loans.

As part of his administration’s strategy to inspire primary school teachers to provide exceptional service, the first step was to make cash available to handle housing and auto loans to teachers in the state.

According to Oyebode, the new loan program for elementary school teachers “is in line with the administration’s human capital development policy.”

It also demonstrates the governor’s declared dedication to the welfare and well-being of state employees as well as to make sure they receive all benefits of the shared prosperity goal.

All of the government-owned higher education institutions in Ekiti State now receive more funding thanks to Oyebanji.

In keeping with his pledge to give priority to higher education and guarantee that Ekiti continues to hold its position as Nigeria’s center of education, he claimed that the rise was required due to the important role that higher education institutions play in the state’s growth.

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