NPower Payment News Today 22 Dec 3023: FG has resumed paying N-Power Beneficiaries checks here

NPower Payment News Today 22 Dec 3023: FG has resumed paying N-Power Beneficiaries checks here

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The recipients were due many months’ worth of salary from the administration of previous President Muhammadu Buhari, but President Bola Tinubu put a stop to it upon taking office.

But the minister made it clear that before restarting the program, the Federal Government intends to fix the flaws in it.

On Thursday’s Politics Today on Channels Television, Edu revealed that the program’s recipients are now receiving payments for arrears, as of yesterday.

Edu stated, “At this time, N-Power is being paid; we were in the office yesterday until the wee hours of this morning, just to make sure that young people receive money that they are owed by the previous government.”

As a result, N-Power recipients throughout the country can attest to the fact that their funds are showing up in their accounts, and this process will go on until the last person who has served is compensated.

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Naturally, all of this is being reorganized to guarantee that joblessness is decreased and that Nigerians have employment opportunities.

There has not yet been a relaunch of the Renewed Hope N-Power. We’re currently working through the issues from earlier years. These individuals were therefore debtors for several months.

“These funds were formerly managed by a consultant on behalf of the N-Power recipients. However, the recipients hadn’t received their money from the consultants for months.

“The government has refunded the money into the government’s TSA CBN account and is currently examining the beneficiaries. It has taken some time to accomplish this, so we are pleading with the youth to exercise patience,” the minister explained.

Here is the evidence that shows NPower has started paying stipends payment.

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