NPower News Today – Npower program Expectations For 2024  And Review Of 2023

NPower News Today – Npower program Expectations For 2024  And Review Of 2023

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NPower News Today: Regarding the Npower program, the current trend is that the Federal government has started paying the beneficiaries of the program their long-overdue nine months’ unpaid stipends. The first payment will be made in January 2023. View the most recent update here NPower Payment Ongoing 25th Dec: According to Nasims Reason for delaying the payment of some beneficiaries

For the Npower beneficiaries, 2023 has been difficult because the majority of program activities have been suspended. In this, we’ll examine Npower’s circumstances in 2013.

Npower Programme review for 2023

  • Outstanding stipends totaling nine months, from January to September 2023, were owed to the N-Power program beneficiaries.
  • A new government took office in 2023, and with it came a new administration for the Npower initiative.
  • The new management halted the Npower initiative in 2023 to retrieve Npower monies that had been embezzled by the outgoing administration.
  • In 2023, the Npower program underwent a restructuring under the new management.
  • The Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) replaced the Npower initiative.
  • A fresh organizationThe Npower program and other NSIP social investment initiatives are managed by NSIPA, which was established for this purpose.

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Projections for the Npower Programme by 2024.

The following are things to watch out for with the Npower initiative in 2024:

  • The newly reorganized Npower program RHJCP will begin operations in 2024.
  • One million beneficiaries will be involved in the Npower program in 2024, and five million will be involved over five years, according to management.
  • A N50,000 stipend payment may be given to the new Npower beneficiary who is hired in 2024.

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