NPower News Today 15th April 2024 WithEFCC Reports

NPower News Today 15th April 2024 With EFCC Reports

EFCC has responded to the news of the acquittal of Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Bette Edu

NPower News Today 15th April: Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency, EFCC, has denied reports that it has acquitted some people suspected of being involved in the alleged corruption in the Ministry of Human Rights that resulted in the suspension and Betta Edu from the minister of the ministry.

In a statement issued by the agency’s spokesperson, Dele Oyewale, on Sunday, it said that their agency, the EFCC, is still investigating the matter.

The statement said that no one from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in Nigeria was invited to answer the information in the agency or that of the minister of the ministry Betta Edu, “We have not cleared anyone from the alleged corruption that took place in the ministry.” ministry

The statement by the EFCC said that so far it has managed to receive 32.7 billion naira and 445 thousand dollars from the ministry.

She also said that the money that she was able to receive was among the money that was embezzled from the money from the crown aid, the World Bank loan, and the Abacha money that was taken, all of which were given to the Ministry of Welfare.

However, in the statement, she did not mention the name of even a single person, whom she suspected of spreading some information, but the agency said that they are responding to some information that is being spread and that the agency has acquitted some of those who search.

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