NPower News: NPower beneficiaries are ready to take this action of not paying them the 9 month Stipends

NPower News: NPower beneficiaries are ready to take this action of not paying them the 9 month stipend

NPower News: The CEO of the National Social Investment Programs Agency (NSIPA), Mrs. Halima Shehu, has conducted a comprehensive examination of the National Social Investment Programs Warehouses and Skills Acquisition Center as part of the agency’s continuous efforts to optimize its operations. This action is in line with NSIPA’s mission to improve Social Investment Program implementation in Nigeria.

The National Association of N-Power recipients (NANB) is clearly frustrated, even after the Minister assured them that the issues that caused a nine-month backlog in payments for N-Power recipients are being resolved.

The association, which consists of Batches A, B, and C, has announced a statewide protest that is set to take place on December 13, 2023, in a decisive move.

The Nigerian government’s failure to provide the nine-month stipend is the main cause of the protest. NANB has promised to continue their nonviolent protest until their demands are met and they receive their eagerly anticipated stipends.

The seriousness of their worries is demonstrated by the decision to hold the demonstration at the National Assembly and all 36 state assemblies.

The group has unexpectedly distanced itself from purported taunts and derogatory language directed at Dr. Betta Edu, the Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

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According to NANB, these activities are the brainchild of non-beneficiaries assuming the identity of graduates with the intention of stoking tensions between the Minister and N-Power recipients.

The organization is unwavering in its claim that these aggrieved parties are not actual N-Power Beneficiaries. They highlight the nonviolent character of their demonstration, which is motivated by their shared desire to protect their rights and eliminate the protracted backlog of stipend payments.

Stakeholders are keeping a careful eye on the situation as it develops, hoping for both a positive dialogue between the government and the N-Power Beneficiaries as well as a resolution to the payment concerns.

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