Call For Application: Nigeria Idol Season 9 Auditions 2024 Opens Portal

Call For Application: Nigeria Idol Season 9 Auditions 2024 Opens Portal

Nigeria Idol Season 9 Auditions 2024 The portal is currently open for interested candidates to try out for Nigeria’s largest musical competition program in 2024.

A nationwide hunt for Nigeria’s next solo superstar is the focus of the television reality series Nigerian Idol, which will provide one up-and-coming artist with an opportunity that most exceptionally gifted singers have only ever dreamed of.

Nigerian Idol seeks to identify the top vocalist in the nation who fits the description of a “National” singer as well as an international artist.

The Nigerian Idol 2024 audition is currently accepting applications. Interested parties may send in their entries using

Application closes 29th of January 2024

The 2024 Nigerian Idol winner might take home as much as N30 million. Don’t pass up this chance to establish yourself in the music business.


1. To be eligible, you must be a Nigerian citizen and between the ages of 16 and 30.

2. Please click the application gateway link above and enter your information so that, if your audition is accepted, the organizers can get in touch with you.

3. Next, submit your audition for singing. Kindly prepare this before filling out the form. Make sure to select the section of your song that best showcases your voice for your audition video, which should not exceed 30 seconds. Instruments and backtracks are not permitted.

If your audition is accepted, you will receive an invitation to a live audition with the Nigerian Idol judges.

Similar to what transpired in the previous season of the Idol format, a panel of three judges composed of some of the most powerful figures in the music industry will have the difficult task of selecting fifty gifted singers to compete for the chance to become famous in a series of live shows.

These 50 aspirants will be given assignments to demonstrate their musical aptitude to gain entry into one of the most competitive and quickly expanding music industries in the world.

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