NPower Announcement Today 30 April: 2023 NPower Nasims Stipends payment Delay Disbursement For Batch C1 And C2

Latest Npower News For Today Sunday 30 April 2023 NPower Nasims Stipends payment Delay Disbursement For Batch C1 And C2 According to Minister

Nasims Stipends payment: The scenario of Npower delay stipends and other relevant topics as April concludes today will be discussed in today’s Latest Npower News For Saturday, April 29, 2023. Read on then!

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Nasims Stipends payment
Nasims Stipends payment

The Npower management has expressed regret to beneficiaries for the delay in paying their unpaid stipends for January, February, and March.

We sincerely apologize for the payment delay, Npower responded in response to some of the irate beneficiaries. Please be aware that we are doing everything we can to get the payment started as soon as possible. Npower asked you to be patient.

But given the current situation, it appears that the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs is coordinating with other organizations to ensure that the stranded Nigerian students caught up in the ongoing crisis in Sudan are safely evacuated from Khartoum, Sudan, to Nigeria.

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The FG is spending $1.2 million, according to the report, to get the Nigerians out of Sudan.

Despite this, Npower management makes sure to involve their beneficiaries in encouraging them to focus on their tasks at the location of their primary assignment through all of their communication channels.

Beneficiaries of Npower are encouraged to use the program to learn new skills that would help them become independent.

Finally, as we already mentioned, Npower is working to initiate payment of unpaid stipends as soon as possible. So, practice patience as you wait to get paid.

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