NPC Update 16th April: Three Things Everyone Should Do If He Applied NPC Recruitment 2023

NPC Update 16th April: Three Things Everyone Should Do If He Applied NPC Recruitment 2023

Applicants must have an Android/Pda smartphone for training purposes, and must have functional email on the phone with enough data, because they will be sending messages during training.

NPC UpdateAnd there is an online test and online attendance that will be done, the WhatsApp group of the class will be opened here and the link will be sent to you to join and complete.

The enumerator must be educated, able to read English and understand translation, because during the House Listening and Enumeration that will be done by using the Census Pad Application, he will encounter some questions in English and if you answer the question, And if you fill in one place not right, then the alp itself will bring you back until you do it correctly. how-to-edit-your-application-to-get-approval-easily-npc-adhoc-staff-recruitment-portal-2023

The size of the work and the length of time it took to carry out the work before, and the presence of digital work, not paper, the number of people and the number of employees who will carry out the work, and the number of outside (Venue) and the board will use it during training because they are important.

these are the some part that played an important role in causing the delay, but the board can do its best to overcome the problem of data causing the delay and once it solves the problem, it will schedule a training day for Enumirators and Supervisors in LGA Level. npc-details-2023-simple-method-to-edit-your-application-this-is-what-to-do-if-your-status-is-still-pending

Good Suggestion:

Politics should be removed willingly and those who are willing to be hired for the success of the project, if this is done, the project will go smoothly and peacefully.

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