NPC Training Update Today 24th April | Census May be Postponed | Allowance Total Amount Completely

NPC Training Update Today 24th April | Census May be Postponed.

While the Commission struggles with a funding shortage and other practical issues, it appears likely that the 2023 Population and Housing Census may be postponed.

NPC Training Update Today In order to give the Commission time to address some new difficulties, the training of the 623,797 enumerators and 125,944 observers who will participate in the 2023 Census project has been postponed indefinitely. federal-government-support-nde-grant-quickly-get-this-form-to-fill-20000-naira-grant-for-nde-grant

The 2023 population and housing census will cost N869 billion, according to a report by the Punch daily, but the government has only set aside N291.5 billion for the project, leaving it in need of an extra N327 billion.

The government and the NPC may have trouble raising money for the census, according to the article. As a result, there may be a problem with some administrators and professionals who have not yet received payment.

Around 467 special NPC Adhoc employees in the state of Bauchi took to the streets last week to demonstrate over the non-payment of their allowances.

Keep in mind that the National Census Bureau will give the NPC Adhoc Loan Officers funding to perform the population and housing census in two parts in 2023. These are gross salaries and allowances.

The three forms of allowances that must be granted to NPC Staff Adhoc are listed in a document that the Director of the Census Department, Mrs. Evelyn Arinola Olanipekun, gave to the state and local government training institutes. cbn-agsmeis-n10-million-loan-application-form-how-to-contact-agsmeis-agsmeis-loan-scheme

1. A food budget
2. Transportation Payments
3. Training Compensation

According to Ms. Olanipekun, special forces and facilitators will both receive the same compensation.

1. Feeding Allowance (a): Specialized Workforce (SWF): N2,000 per day multiplied by 13 days (three days for SWF and ten days for state training).
States that don’t observe the first three days are eliminated nonetheless.
N26,000 in total

(b) State teachers: Naira 2,000 per person per day x 10 days

Total: N20,000

2. Transportation allowance: N20,000 per person

3. Training sign

(a) Trainer: N15,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (State Administrator) =

Trainee: N10,000 per day x 13 (SWF) and 10 (State Administrator)

4. Double payment will be made for all categories as follows:

Transport and feeding: N46,000 (SWF), N40,000 (State Administrators)

State Trainer (Administrators): N150, 000; Trainer: 100,000.

Training Allowance: Trainee (SWF): N195,000; Trainee: N130,000;

If the funds required for the training of enumerators and observers are not released and such funds cannot cover the cost of the work done by the ad hoc staff, it is difficult to say that the population and housing census work of 2023 will go as planned. how-to-apply-ng-cares-financial-support-if-you-have-not-completed-2023-ng-cares-grant-portal

Are you an ad hoc staff estimator or an auditor seeker? Just relax. Don’t be fooled by social media posts that say LGA-level training will start whenever the NPC is not officially announced.

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