NPC Registers 420,000 Births In This State Only

NPC Registers 420,000 Births In This State Only

NPC In Gombe State, 424,302 births were recorded by the Nigeria Population Commission between January and November. Of those who registered, 237,019, or 55.86 percent, were boys, while 187,283 (or 44.13 percent) were girls.

The information was provided on Friday in Gombe by Mr. Adedeji Adeniyi, the head of NPC’s Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Gombe State.

According to him, children between the ages of 0 and 17 were registered at more than 100 registration centers throughout the state.

33,760 of the 76,900 children under the age of one that were registered were girls, and 43,140 were boys, according to him.

He stated that there were 285,010 children between the ages of one and four. Of them, 159,780 were boys and 125,230 were girls.

There were 62,392 youngsters between the ages of four and seventeen. There were 28,293 girls and 34,099 boys in the population.

According to Adeniyi, the NPC has increased efforts to promote birth registration and formed alliances with important state stakeholders.

In collaboration with UNICEF, he noted, that the birth registration process had moved from an analog to a digital platform.

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He went on to say that the transition from analog to electronic birth registration had made the process easy and urged those who had not yet registered to do so. He also mentioned that birth registration data was essential for government planning and action.

“Birth registration and certification must grant children a sense of identity and nationality, in addition to granting them access to social amenities,” Adeniyi emphasized.

Nonetheless, he criticized the state’s inadequate death reporting system.

In Gombe, people only file for the death of a loved one when they are in need of certain advantages that require this type of paperwork.

“I implore residents to report the death of a loved one, as this will allow the government to appropriately prepare for and handle environmental event decisions.

“Knowing the leading causes of death through death registration is important for planning as well,” he stated.

According to the National Population Commission, it has tracked 57% of digital birth registrations in 23 states, according to The PUNCH.
In an interview with our correspondent in October of last year, Sunday Matthew, the Director of Vital Registration at NPC, emphasized the importance of parents registering their children at birth.

“We have been talking to parents, especially mothers, about the importance of registering their children at birth,” he stated.

“To prevent duplicate registration, we are automating the childbirth registration procedures.”

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