NCC Why it’s difficult to attach NIN to SIM cards MTN, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile

NCC Why it’s difficult to attach NIN to SIM cards MTN, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile

NIN to SIM cards Issues: Efosa Idehen, the Director of Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has explained why users are still experiencing issues even after connecting their SIM card to their National Identity Number (NIN).

Speaking on Tuesday at an initial meeting with journalists in Abuja, Idehen stated that a SIM registration was required before the linking.

He clarified that the earlier SIMs were regarded as Legacy SIMs by the time the NIN-SIM linkage was introduced in 2021, and Nigerians were instructed to link their SIMs to their NIN.

Idehen stated, “We are working at the background and what we discovered was that the background, most of the time, the picture quality of the legacy SIM did not match the definition in our new SiM registration of 2021. The NCC recently directed Telecom companies to deactivate any SIM that is linked to NIN, and that enforcement notice is still on.”

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“They were barring them at first, but now they’re just inviting you to come to update your data because we want to make sure that the person holding the SIM is the SIM’s owner.”

He made it clear that while illegally registered SIM cards remain a problem, the Commission is striving to minimize their incidence so that Nigerians can go to sleep feeling confident.

Speaking at the ceremony as well, Ubale Maska, the Executive Commissioner of Technical Services, clarified that the nation’s level of service quality and penetration is not where it ought to be.

Maska ascribed this to the nation’s ongoing telecommunications infrastructure vandalism.

He said that 70 cable outages affect key operators in the nation every day.

In addition, he mentioned that road construction projects cause damage to some fibers, which impacts the quality of service.

Maska went on to say that the country’s economic situation is preventing investments in fiber optic networks from happening as planned.

The commission is also thinking about deploying satellite broadband to provide the required nationwide coverage and help achieve the National Broadband target.

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