NCC, MTN, Glo, And Others alerts: New Date To Deactivate Unlicked SIMs With NIN

NCC, MTN, Glo, And Others alerts: New Date To Deactivate Unlicked SIMs With NIN

According to commission it is collaborating on insecurity with NIMC and other parties.

SIMs that are not associated with a National Identity Number (NIN) will be deactivated by the end of February, according to a warning from Dr. Aminu Maida, The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

Additionally, he reiterated the commission’s cooperation with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and pertinent law enforcement organizations in addressing crimes in the nation related to telecommunications. But he said that the level of progress attained thus far could not yet be publicly acknowledged.

The commission claims that to reach the goal of 70% broadband penetration by 2025 and to offer nationwide coverage, satellite broadband deployment is being considered.

Speaking at an initial press conference in Abuja, Maida added that the Commission was fighting against the use of Subscriber Identity Mode (SIM) illegally in the nation and that anyone found guilty would face consequences.

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The majority of SIM cards that aren’t connected to National Identity Numbers will be deleted by the end of February, the EVC further cautioned. Pre-registered or fraudulently registered SIM cards have long been problematic, he noted. A policy linking NIN and SIMs was implemented in 2021 in the hopes that it would solve the issue, however, individuals in the value chain took advantage of the gap. SIMs without NIN will stop working by the end of this month.

Speaking about network prices and other anomalies from licensed network providers, the EVC stated that the commission was working in tandem with industry participants. Nonetheless, he reassured customers of their devotion, emphasizing that Nigerians are the NCC’s top priority.

 “We must restore the smiles on the faces of our customers. The NCC is clear that safeguarding consumer interests is vital. However, while we monitor their operations to gauge compliance, the interests of licensed operators will also be safeguarded.

You can be confident that the consumer comes first for us, but we also need to recognize that this is a business that needs to draw in capital to safeguard the licensee’s interests as outlined in the Act.

The first and most important requirement is that the customer be satisfied from the moment they choose the operator or service to use. It must also function flawlessly, function when you contact them for assistance, and be helpful. “What we just need to get is how to manage the delicate balance whereby the actual consumer is content while the licensees can also get their return on investment,” the author writes.

Speaking to ICT reporters during the meeting, the EVC stated that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) had committed to making their tariffs more straightforward so that Nigerians would always know what they were getting into when they bought data. The commission is also thinking about launching a regulation that would formally formalize MNOs’ commitment to simplifying their tariffs.

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