Latest Npower News Today 7 May on Payment of January, February, and March Stipends Update Today 7 May 2023

Latest Npower News Today 7 May on Payment of January, February, and March Stipends Update Today 7 May 2023

Latest NPower News TodayThere is excellent news for Npower program beneficiaries in Nigeria as of today, May 7, 2023. According to a statement from the federal government, the remaining stipends for the months of January, February, and March will be paid out today.

The thousands of Npower beneficiaries who have been anxiously expecting their payment for several weeks will be relieved by this news. The Nigerian government’s Npower program is a social intervention effort that aims to equip recent graduates with the information and skills they need to live sustainably.

Numerous recipients who have gotten training and job possibilities have felt the influence of the program, which has been in operation for a number of years.

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Stipend payments are a crucial component of the program because they give recipients a financial safety net as they go through training and gain experience in the workforce. This most recent Npower report on stipend payments is a positive development and evidence of the government’s dedication to the wellbeing of its people.

Are you a beneficiary of NPower Batch C1 or C2? December payments to these two batches started to be distributed last week. Others are still waiting for their stipends, while some recipients have already received them.

Remember how N-Power assured all recipients, even those who had payment delays, that they would get their money? As an attachment to this story, we have given documentation of beneficiaries who received their stipend today.

And now for the remaining payments for January, February, and March, We hope you understand that those who started receiving their NPower stipend payments are December and November Beneficiaries because the minister has stated that it is also on the way. While January, February, and March are on the way.

NPower Resume Backlog Payment

The Npower Program has recently started paying Batch C beneficiaries their three-month backlog stipends again. The months of October, November, and December are included in the backlog payment.

This information comes after Npower management launched a validation portal a few weeks ago, asking beneficiaries to verify their account information in order to recover their unpaid sum.

Beneficiaries who have verified their account information are being paid while the payment process proceeds progressively. Beneficiaries who have not yet received their stipends for the aforementioned months are urged to be patient, nonetheless, as the payment procedure is still in progress.

Beneficiaries who have received their payments have corroborated the information on numerous social media platforms, even though Npower and Nasims have not publicly published this change on their communication channels.

After the backlog of unpaid stipends is cleared, it is anticipated that the payment of stipends for the months of January, February, March, and April will follow shortly after. Npower recipients are urged to routinely check their accounts and use the relevant methods to stay up to speed on their stipends. (((Latest Npower News Today))).

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All N-POWER batch C (stream II) are expected to update their profile with relevant information on their dashboard/ self-service portal.

For deployment, kindly follow the instructions below.

  • To access posting details, log in to your self-service portal on the Nasims portal and select the “deployment tab.”
  • Print your deployment letter by downloading it.
  • Take your PPA letter and proceed to your deployed PPA for approval or rejection.
  • Present the PPA letter for approval to the focal people.
  • Send the Focal Persons the PPA letter that was denied for redeployment.
  • If the PPA letter is approved or denied by the center head and focal person, upload the signed PPA letter to the site.

Apply for redeployment if needed.

The process for Interstate redeployment goes like this;

Beneficiaries should use the address to send a letter to the NPower situation room. or (based on both health and marital reasons only)

The focal points and program managers are informed of the modifications after reviewing the mail.

After a prior deployment has been cancelled from the backend, focal persons and desk officers are also informed to go forward with the deployment. (((Latest Npower News Today))).

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The Inter-LGA redeployment process goes like this;

  • Beneficiaries must first call the NPower call line to request a change of LGA.
  • Once this modification has been successfully implemented, users can now go to their SSP portal to redeploy.
  • Send an email to for interstate redeployment.

To find out if the deployment was recorded, check your self-service portal’s “deployment tab.”

Beneficiaries can use the given Nasims Validation Link if they are having trouble validating their Npower accounts.Latest Npower News Today

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