Latest N-Power News Monday 17th April 2023

Latest N-Power News Monday 17th April 2023 Nasims Stipends payment

Latest N-Power News – The administration of Npower Nasims has congratulated all non-graduate beneficiaries and notified them that payment has no specified commencement date, according to the most recent Npower stipends payment news for Monday, April 17th, 2023. Beneficiaries are urged to hold onto their optimism and anticipate payment soon, though.

It is important to remember that the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development recently officially wrapped up the N-Knowledge program’s training of 3,300 Npower non-graduate beneficiaries in a variety of life skills, including hardware, software, animation, and script writing. Since February 2023, these beneficiaries have been enrolled in residential training.

Regarding Npower Batch C, Nasims has addressed questions from some recipients on when the backlog payments will start. The management claimed that in order to ensure a smooth transaction, their technical partners are currently working on the payment procedure.

As a result, the payment deadline has not yet been set, but the validation link is still live and operational. Recipients are urged to take advantage of this fantastic offer while it still exists.

If you missed the announcement issued a few days ago regarding the payment of the stipends for January, February, and March, please read it at the provided link for additional details. In other news, the NJFP MGT and the EU Business Chamber have cooperated to increase young employment.

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