Latest 3MTT news Today 7th April 2024

Latest 3MTT News Today 7th April 2024

Latest 3MTT news Today: How a 3MTT Fellow Got A Job From HM Dr Bosun Tijani In today’s 3MTT news, we’ll tell you how a 3MTT Fellow got a job from HM Dr. Bosun Tijani. So keep reading. Remember that a few days ago, we published an update about some of the benefits of the 3MTT, which you can read here? 3MTT Program News: Here Are The  Benefits Of Being A 3MTT Fellow 

Benefits of Becoming a 3MTT Fellow (Incentives and Prizes) Joy Ogbebor, a 3mtt Nigeria fellow, received one of these benefits from Dr. Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy. Joy was discovered by the minister during one of the video knowledge display competitions.

Latest 3MTT News Today

Joy Lyore Ogbebor demonstrates her expertise from 3mtt. She stated that I can create Python code and display data effortlessly, which she did in the showcase video below:

The Honourable Minister viewed the video and retweeted it, writing, “Joy, this is impressive.” I have a tiny gig for you. Please see the DM you sent.

If you are a 3MTT Fellow, please take your education seriously and always compete in the knowledge showcase. You never know where you’ll find your luck.

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