3MTT Program News: Here Are The  Benefits Of Being A 3MTT Fellow 

3MTT Program News: Here Are The  Benefits Of Being A 3MTT Fellow 

In today’s Latest 3MTT program news, We will cover the advantages of being a 3MTT Fellow (incentives and prizes). So continue reading! Joining the 3MTT Fellowship is just the beginning of an exciting journey of growth and development.

The 3MTT program provides access to paid world-class online learning platforms and practical learning clusters to help you along your learning path.

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Here are some of the advantages of being a 3MTT Fellow.

1. Gain access to world-class online learning platforms.

2. Learning Support from Applied Learning Clusters

3. Prizes from the Knowledge Showcase, Innovation Challenge, and Hackathon

4. Partners Offer Placement Opportunities

5. Gain access to aggregated employment and gig boards.

6. Weekly Webinars and Virtual Learning Activities

7. A dedicated community manager

8. Lifelong access to the 3MTT Learning Community and its benefits.

3MTT management encourages all fellows to actively participate in its activities to maximize their prospects. Stay engaged through 3mtt’s social media outlets to stay up to speed on activities and optimize the program’s benefits.

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