Impact of fuel subsidy removal tough on Nigerians And Gives Thes Assurance 2024

Impact of fuel subsidy removal tough on Nigerians And Gives These Assurances 2024

Impact Of Fuel Subsidy; Removal LAGOS: Yesterday, President Bola Tinubu admitted that the elimination of gasoline subsidies had a severe impact on Nigerians, affecting all facets of the country’s economy, including education, but he also gave assurances that the future remained bright.

Speaking during the 54th convocation of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Tinubu is a Visitor at the institution.

The president spoke as the Owerri Ecclesiastical Province’s Catholic Bishops bemoaned how the withdrawal of the fuel subsidy, the current shortage of nairas, and the country’s currency’s falling value had increased living expenses and instilled fear and anxiety in the populace.

In addition, the Bishops pushed for increased security and opposed same-sex or homosexual marriages being approved.
This is the same day that the President was given a mandate by the Shariah Council to address insecurity head-on and move quickly to mitigate the impact of his government’s harsh economic decisions.

In his capacity as Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, SAN, represented Tinubu and stated that the impact of the high cost of living was evident in how it affected pupils, parents, guardians, and other Nigerians.

We made some decisions that changed people’s lives, like eliminating the fuel subsidy and establishing a single naira exchange rate. Without a doubt, the activities have caused considerable pain for Nigerians, including parents, guardians, and even pupils. Among other effects of the judgments on education, parents now have to pay extra for their children’s education.

No child will drop out of school

“I promise that the suffering will end soon and that things will become better. We guarantee that no Nigerian child will drop out of school in the area of education. Because of this, we have reinstated the School Feeding Program and implemented the Student Loan Scheme. After a recipient has finished the required one-year National Youth Service Corps Scheme, or NYSC, the loan is due back in two years.

We recently decided to remove higher education institutions from the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, or IPPIS, since we do not take higher education for granted. We are also discussing university autonomy on the agenda.

We are approaching the fourth stage in the establishment and administration of higher education in the nation, known as the internalization of the university system. The Federal Government established universities as the initial step. State governments establish universities in the second stage, while private institutions join the scene in the third. The fourth phase involves our desire for foreign investors and universities to establish their campuses here. They may collaborate with these colleges to accomplish this as well,” he added.

The President expressed the hope that the graduates would move out into the world and positively impact society while praising UNILAG’s management for their contribution to the nation’s workforce development.

Additionally, he urged academics to solve societal issues so that the rest of the world might see their influence.

Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, the vice-chancellor, stated in her speech that the university has advanced significantly over the past 12 months.

Although a lot has happened in the past year, I will highlight a few. With approximately N11 billion in grant cash coming in from both local and foreign sources, our staff’s research activities and research grant income are only going to get bigger.These statistics, which span the social sciences, arts, and sciences, are based solely on 42 awards that were awarded in 2023, the spokesperson stated.

The governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who graduated from the university, expressed his opinion that UNILAG has established itself as a premier center of study not only in the nation but also throughout the continent and the world. He restated the administration’s pledge to give education a top priority in the grand scheme of things.

Fuel subsidy removal, naira scarcity, others heightening hardship —Catholic Bishops

Following a two-day conference in Owerri, the Catholic Bishops of the Owerri Ecclesiastical Province issued the following statement in a communiqué signed by the conference’s chairman and secretary, Most Rev. Lucius Ugorji and Most Rev. Augustine N. Echema: “2023 was a difficult year for our country, our community, and the church.

The withdrawal of petroleum product subsidies, the gradual depreciation of the naira, and the scarcity of nairas added to the already high cost of life, inciting fear and anxiety among our people.

Furthermore, the ongoing demoralization of our citizens, including Christians, has been exacerbated by the political and legal squabbles following the general elections of 2023, the mass emigration of our highly skilled professionals across multiple industries, the threat of false prophets, and the unfounded claims of miraculous healings.

Nigerians were relieved that 2023 was coming to an end when the new year arrived. Everywhere there were echoes of relief and happiness as 2024 was welcomed in by the clock.

During the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we saw a noticeable improvement in the security situation in our neighborhoods.

“Although we applaud the government for accepting its duty to safeguard our neighborhoods, we want them to continue working toward this goal. To say that we need security for our communities’ social and economic lives to flourish would be to belabor the point.

The Bishops responded to the recent Vatican Document “Fiducia Supplicans” regarding the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings) of irregular unions by stating: “The declaration seemed to reinforce Catholic teaching regarding the nature of blessings while also undermining it, particularly about the application of blessings to “irregular” unions.”

Because of this ambiguity, Episcopal Conferences and individual bishops around the globe responded to the statement with varying degrees of approval, skepticism, and outright rejection very fast.

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