Good News From National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Today 28 May 2023 Update

Good News From National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Today 28 May 2023 Update

Prior to the inauguration of the new government on May 29, the Oyo State Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) reports that during mop-up operations, 20 drug suspects had been apprehended.

This was disclosed to reporters by its State Commander, Mr. Olayinka Joe-Fadile, who was presenting the detained suspects at the command center on Saturday in Ibadan.

According to Joe-Fadile, the command also seized 2.96 kg of cannabis sativa.

He mentioned that there were two ladies and 18 male suspects who were primarily drug users who had been apprehended.

He claimed that in reaction to the NDLEA Chairman, Buba Marwa, ordering the command to carry out major intelligence mopping up operations so that all of our states would be secure for the inauguration, the command accelerated mop up activities in addition to its regular operations.

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The newly appointed state commander declared that his main priority upon taking over on May 8 was to carry out the directives of the agency enabling Act.

“We target drug producers, distributors, growers, and users because we regard them as victims.

“We provide them with counseling, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society while the experienced drug dealers are brought to justice in accordance with the law.

“The state has a lot of forest, which makes it easy to plant cannabis.

“Our goal is to eradicate these drug farms before the crops mature and reach the market; we’ll also mop up the handful that manage to make it to the market.

In the state’s Akinyele Local Government Area, a drug farm was just found and destroyed, and the command is now looking for more.

As long as we can remove drugs from the streets, we can reassure the populists that May 29 would be as quiet as possible. Drugs are the spark for all types of crimes, both violent and nonviolent.

After the May 29 inauguration, “we intend to keep arrested suspects as much as possible and release them back to society through social reintegration procedures,” he stated.

The commander also issued a warning, stating that the drug battle in Nigeria persisted and that things would not continue as usual because the new sheriff in town would not allow the illicit drug trade.

“The command is ready to go to any length to pick every drug baron without any sacred cows, and anyone pick up for the offense that is prosecutable would face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

While urging further cooperation to make the state drug-free, he praised the support and cooperation of the state’s stakeholders, including the royal fathers, religious leaders, security agencies, and government officials.

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