EFCC reveals the religious sect that financing terrorists/Kidnapping in Nigeria

EFCC reveals the religious sect that financing terrorism/kidnapping in Nigeria

Kidnapping in Nigeria: Ola Olukoyede, the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, has disclosed that the anti-graft agency has discovered a Nigerian religious group that is financing terrorism.

In addition, he disclosed that a different religious organization was discovered to be shielding a money launderer after some suspected money was determined to have been laundered and linked to the bank account of the organization.

Speaking at a public event on youth, religion, and the fight against corruption, Olukoyede announced that the EFCC was looking into a N13 billion fraud case when it found that N7 billion of the N13 billion was connected to the bank account of a religious organization. The event also marked the launch of the fraud risk assessment project for ministries, departments, and agencies.

He mentioned that it has been determined that religious bodies, organizations, and institutions are guilty of money laundering.

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“It has been discovered that a religious sect in this country is laundering money for terrorists,” Olukoyede stated.

But he pointed out that the religious group swiftly secured a restraining order to stop the EFCC from questioning its leaders.

“We were able to link some money that had been laundered to a religious organization, and when we contacted the organization to discuss it and proceeded with our investigation, we were granted a restraining order that prevented us from continuing with our investigation,” he stated.

Olukoyede went on to say that even though the commission is contesting the restraining order to get the stolen money back, it will not abandon its investigation.

The purpose of the one-day conference is to discuss the issues of young people’s engagement in cybercrimes and how religion may be used as a tool for disorientation.

The Interfaith Preaching and Teaching Manual, created by the Interfaith Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee of the Commission, was introduced at the event, which had the theme “Youth, Religion, and the Fight Against Corruption,” as a tool to encourage Christians and Muslims to detest corruption.

At the ceremony, the EFCC also introduced its Fraud Risk Assessment Prevention and Control Project for Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

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