Call For Applications: Apply For Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador Program 2024

Call For Applications: Apply For Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador Program 2024

Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador program is a system of 2,000 youth advocates for education who develop their campaigning and advocacy abilities through specially created training programs, conferences, and materials.

For young activists who desire to play a key role in determining how education is shaped in the future, Theirworld’s program is the recommended resource. Graduates maintain ties with the organization after they graduate and contribute to its continuous goal of bringing about significant change for kids worldwide.

A total of 130 nations have sent young people to the program to raise awareness of the value of education and act as change agents in their communities and nations.

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  • be between the ages of 18 and 28 when you apply.
  • Have a strong commitment to expanding young skills and educational opportunities.
  • To maximize the benefits of the program, you will require:
  • a fundamental command of spoken and written English.
  • This is crucial because all correspondence via social media and email is in English. to regularly utilize the internet.


Just fill out the application to apply to be a Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador. Only completed application forms will be taken into account.


Make connections with people who share your commitment to resolving the global education issue. Make deep connections, exchange ideas, and work together on projects that will influence education in the future. Join a global network that gives you the ability to inspire, connect, and have a meaningful influence.

You will get exclusive access to an online platform that will help you advance your knowledge and abilities as a Global Youth Ambassador. Take part in training sessions designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the international education scene. Take part in talks that provoke thought and attend events that extend your horizons.

You may enhance your voice by using the tools and resources provided by the Global Youth Ambassador program. Participate in initiatives that have an impact, make the most of your abilities, and work with a varied coalition of advocates who are dedicated to resolving the education issue. Advocate for a society in which every kid has access to high-quality education by joining the forefront of young activists influencing the future.

Deadline: Not stated Click Apply, Or HERE.

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