Call For Applications: Apply for the Niya Empowerment Program Under the Federal Ministry of Youth aims to empower and train 7 million Nigerian

Call For Applications: Apply for the Niya Empowerment Program Under the Federal Ministry of Youth aims to empower and train 7 million Nigerian

Under the Federal Ministry of Youth Development Empowering Program (2024–2027), NIYA (Training for 7 Million Nigerians, 5 Million Jobs in 4 Years)

Through the NIYA projects, the Federal Ministry of Youth aims to train and empower 7 million Nigerian youth in the next two years and create 5 million employment in the next four. The vibrant Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) is a platform for education and empowerment with a youth focus that has the potential to influence millions of young people in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) serves as a center for change, inspiration, and opportunity for our country’s future. As the State Minister for Youth Development, let me say that this platform was created by us, for us, to become a place where we can learn, grow, and connect while creating a better future for all young people in the nation. The fight has been genuine and fierce in recent years, and NIYA is aware of the obstacles you encounter, the goals you have, the hopes you have, and the potential that every one of us has.

The initiative includes employment fairs and chances, live and virtual classes, a digital community, start-up support, youth engagement in politics, and a Lifetime resource hub.

Eligibility for Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA)

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 35 and a Nigerian.
  • Both pupils and non-pupils.
  • Both graduates and non-grads.
  • Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Job Searchers

Workers from various groups

Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) Programmes

1. Learning – Online & Live Classes

We deliver instruction and training straight to your devices. Our live and online classes promote skill development and information acquisition in a lively and practical virtual setting by guaranteeing accessibility and flexibility in the learning process.

2. Digital Community

NIYA is dedicated to creating a vibrant network of young individuals who are driven to improve Nigeria. Youth groups, leadership development, and volunteer opportunities are some of our community-building initiatives.

3. Assistance with Startup

launching innovative internet projects and campaigns to support and encourage budding business owners. We provide virtual coaching, funding options, and networking opportunities as part of our all-inclusive start-up help.

4. Adolescent Engagement in Politics

Gaining additional knowledge leads to increased comprehension and involvement. Through volunteer work and internships, NiYA offers youths the chance to become involved in politics.

5. Job Fair & Opportunities

We link youth with companies and organizations in a variety of industries through our online and off-site career fairs, employment opportunities, and programs.

6. Lifetime Information Center

Start your journey of lifelong learning with our Resource Hub, which provides lifetime access to an extensive library of learning resources, data, and tools to support Nigerian kids in their endeavors.

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