Apply For NITDA COURSERA – To get skills that can give you access to global jobs

Apply For NITDA COURSERA – To get skills that can give you access to global jobs

Short 3 of the NITDA Coursera Scholarship Program The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), in collaboration with Coursera, officially extends an invitation for you to develop skills relevant to digital occupations as part of the Federal Government’s goal to create one million jobs in the digital economy.

With the help of these scholarships, Nigerian nationals will be able to earn professional certifications from some of the best US colleges and globally recognized international tech organizations (including Google, IBM, and Meta). Each applicant must choose one certification program from each of the two categories, A and B, that they would like to enroll in.

Category A: A successful IT career can be started with the assistance of one of the 19 professional certification programs offered by Category A (IT Career Pathway). A sequence of linked courses is included in each program to impart the in-depth information and practical skills needed for employment. You will receive a certificate of completion once you have finished all of the program’s courses. Nevertheless, you won’t receive the professional certification until you’ve finished all of the program’s prerequisite courses.

Category B: (Complementary abilities Pathway) provides four certification programs to enhance your usage of digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, and freelance abilities in addition to your IT job skills.

Application commencement Date: January 24, 2024, is the commencement date of the application period.

Date of training: The Cohort 3 program begins on February 10, 2024, and lasts for six months.

How to fill out an application

Interested candidates should use this link to apply if they want to learn skills that will open doors to employment abroad.

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A global digital learning network, Coursera is affiliated with numerous Ivy League universities worldwide. Through a commercial partnership on the “Coursera for Government initiative,” NITDA and Coursera collaborated to provide access to licenses for its residents.

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