Apply DIGIGAP Program 3.0 to Ignite your Career

Apply DIGIGAP Program 3.0 to Ignite your Career

With the DIGIGAP Program, ignite your tech career! Through the use of the NerdzFactory Foundation, Access has launched the DIGIGAP Program, which gives young people in Lagos a special chance to acquire digital skills and position themselves for future opportunities around the world.

Concerning the Training Course

The goal of the DigiGap Program is to give young people access to technology and the digital skills necessary to launch and advance a tech career, as well as educational and employment prospects.

Your key to discovering the trade secrets of a lucrative career in digital and technology is the DigiGap program. Get ready for an exciting adventure as we delve deeply into the knowledge, abilities, and resources that will propel you to success.

Weekly webinars are part of the curriculum, and they will reveal the crucial digital abilities you need to advance in your work. They can handle everything, from UX design to social media marketing. You will gain priceless insights from leading industry professionals at the forefront of technical innovation in each session, leaving you eager for more.

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Accessible courses

  • Design of Products
  • Online Advertising / Digital Marketing


  • Availability of technical skill training
  • Obtaining webinar/workshop access
  • Training in Soft Skills Is Available
  • Being in the tech industry


  • accessible to youth in Lagos, Nigeria;
  • ought to be in the 18–35 age range;
  • availability for the full course of instruction;
  • a minimum of two years of secondary school;
  • the availability of a laptop.


Zoom will be used for virtual instruction, while Nerdzfactory Company in Ogudu GRA, Lagos will host physical lessons.

Closing date: 11 December 2023

To apply, click HERE.

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