Apply ccHub and the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation are sponsoring a million-dollar initiative worth $20,000 apiece to support one State of Nigerian

Apply ccHub and the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation are sponsoring a million-dollar initiative worth $20,000 apiece to support one State of Nigerian

The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation’s significant contribution, coupled with the Co-Creation Hub’s (CcHub) partnership with the Edo State government, will help sustain the ecosystem for digital solutions.

This program is about enabling entrepreneurs to drive global scale in Edo State’s tech industry, not only fostering innovation.

With the help of two programs—the Innovation Challenge Program and Inclusion-Focused Support—the CcHub is launching a strategy to invest in fifty businesses in Edo State.

The goals of these initiatives are to support inclusivity, diversity, and creativity within the Edo State technology community.


1. An Inclusion-Centered Support Initiative

The Inclusion-Focused Support Program is a great opportunity for companies with underrepresented founders and teams, especially women in tech. Thirty entrepreneurs will be chosen and given $10,000 apiece, which will give them the cash boost they need to expand and innovate. With the help of this program, women-led companies can expand their businesses to new heights and have access to a wealth of opportunities.

2. The Program for Innovation Challenge

The goal of the Innovation Challenge Program is to inspire creativity and innovation among all Edo State tech firms. Twenty businesses with outstanding concepts and goods will receive $20,000 apiece to expand. Apart from funding, this initiative will support market-ready entrepreneurs in their efforts to innovate, grow, and succeed in the cutthroat tech industry.

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Applications from startups with underrepresented founders and teams—women in particular—are encouraged for the Inclusion-Focused Support Program. The goal of this program is to close inequalities and give different voices in the tech industry equal chances.

In contrast, Edo State’s Innovation Challenge Program is available to all tech startups with ground-breaking concepts and goods that could become industry leaders.

Deadline: 12 February 2024

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Strengthening Edo State’s Digital Solutions Ecosystem.

We have excellent news if you’re an Edo State-based IT business trying to grow!

With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Co-Creation Hub is helping the Edo State government develop its environment for digital solutions and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

We are providing grant support to fifty startups via two programs: the Innovation Challenge Program, which is open to diverse startups with female founders and teams, and the Inclusion-Focused Support Program, which is open to all tech startups with creative ideas and products that could find a market.

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