Presidential Conditional Grant Of 50k News Today 1st April 2024

Presidential Conditional Grant Of 50k News Today 1st April 2024

Presidential Conditional Grant Of 50k News Today: We will explain a little more about the question that people ask about the fact that a person has successfully verified by using a code, but the message has not been sent to him, so the truth is, I am worried about whether he was successful by using the code and there is no problem!

If you want to make sure that it is working again, go through the link and you will see that it says I AM ALREADY ADDED

No matter how many times you do it, it won’t happen again because you did it in the past and was already added

If you go back through the link or the code, there will be no problem, just pray and pray that God will give you 50k.

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Some people problem is Fg send code message to many of them, but many of them will not see it, because if you touch their phone, it says ‘Do not disturb’ or it says ‘Not disturb’.

While Another different problem is some of the messages on their SIM card already occupy the whole space they can’t receive messages until they delete some messages and then a new message will come in. Therefore try to check your phone messingers app.

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Others, even if the phone is turned off and sent later if you turn it on, the message will not come. unless pushed further. so don’t forget to leave your phone on

I want everyone who used and verified it successfully and doesn’t worry about re-adding it because it was already added successfully.

Later we will bring you the other complete news about the problem of missing code when we have completed the investigation.

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Presidential Conditional Grant
Presidential Conditional Grant

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