3MTT News: FG plans unemployment benefits

3MTT News: FG plans unemployment benefits

3MTT News: According to Dr. Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, the government is investigating the prospect of offering unemployment compensation to Nigerians taking part in the ongoing 3 Million Technical Training (3MTT) program.

When he announced the selection of 270,000 fellows for the program’s second cohort on Thursday, Tijani made this revelation.

The Minister claimed that President Bola Tinubu, who is fervently dedicated to the initiative, was the one who suggested the participants receive unemployment compensation.

As per him, the President’s pledge to generate 2 million digital employment serves as the foundation for the 3MTT initiative.

constructing a tech workforce

The Minister stated: “The nation is currently developing the young talent for the workforce that the world needs to be able to power the application of technology.”

The President has made it quite apparent that he wants us to think about providing unemployment benefits to people who fulfill the program’s standards as well.

“As we expand these opportunities, our objective is to assist our workforce to equip them with the necessary skill set to take part in the global digital economy.

“We recognize that by giving them more authority, we will ultimately be better able to protect our GDP, defend the complexity of our economy, and make sure that we keep fostering the kind of growth we wish to see in our dear nation.”

Placements for fellows in jobs

Tijani went on to say that a sizable portion of the program’s initial batch of fellows are currently being hired as interns around the nation.
Furthermore, he noted that all of the fellows from the first phase have reached a point where they would use what they have learned to put hackathons in their states, collaborating with peers to create solutions that highlight their areas of expertise.

As we continue to communicate, the Minister said, “We are collaborating with partners to make sure that those who aspire to become entrepreneurs can get the help they need to launch their small businesses or technology startups and, ideally, contribute to the development of solutions for many of the issues our nation faces that technology can help address.”

Selection for 2nd cohort

The Minister said that 270,000 Nigerians, both young and elderly, have been chosen as fellows for the program’s second cohort, increasing the number to 10% following the first 30,000. The Minister stated that applications for the program, which aims to train three million Nigerians, have only reached roughly 1.8 million.

“Welcome to everyone who was chosen!  Check and verify your email inboxes and your 3MTT dashboards for further guidance on the upcoming actions.

He went on to say, “Keep in mind that you are a member of the 3MTT Learning Community and you are going to have access to tools to continue your education for those that have not yet been selected as fellows.”

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