2023 Census Update: We need N869bn to conduct census government needed support from the public both “in cash and kind”

2023 Census Update: We need N869bn to conduct census government needed support from the public both “in cash and kind”

2023 Census Update
2023 Census Update

The 2023 population and housing census would cost over N869 billion, the federal government announced Wednesday.

2023 Census UpdateAt a high-level partner engagement yesterday in Abuja, Clement Agba, the minister of state for budget and national planning, revealed that 46% of the budget had been contributed by the federal government.

According to Agba, N327.2 billion is still needed to adequately conduct the census. “The overall costs for this census, including post-census operations, are N869 billion, or almost $1.88 billion,” he stated.

“The numbers sound quite large when you hear them. According to global censuses, the average cost is between $4 and $6. In contrast, they only spend $16 per person in the United States. They spend roughly $10 per person in Botswana. You’ll agree with me that Nigeria’s $6 per person is therefore extremely reasonable.

“The government has already spent $632 million, or 291.5 billion naira. This satisfies roughly 46% of the census criteria. I am aware that this time around, in addition to the population count, we are also conducting a housing count.

2023 Census Update
2023 Census Update

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“Therefore, 327.2 billion naira in additional funding is needed for the necessary items to ensure the census is completed. About 709.9 million US dollars are involved.

The change in administration, the economic downturn, and COVID-19, among other factors, prevented the government from conducting a census for nearly two decades, according to the minister.

In addition to insecurity and cultural concerns, he added that funding remained a significant obstacle for the exercise. He claimed that the census would be digital, green, and transformative.

Among other things, he said, the government needed public support “in cash and kind” to purchase tablets for enumerators, internet and data access, as well as to perform training.

After over 20 years since the last census, which took place in 2006, Zainab Ahmed, Minister of Finance, Budget, and National Planning, stated as much in her remarks. (2023 Census Update)

According to Ahmed, it will provide reliable data for many industries as well as for investment, aiding the country in its plans for development.

As you may be aware, the last national census in Nigeria was performed in 2006, and this month, March, exactly 17 years have passed since then.

According to UN guidelines, population and housing censuses must be carried out every ten years. For the purposes of aligning public policy, as well as for making investment decisions and enacting laws, the defined period enables the government to accurately reflect changes in the population, the age structure, and the migration of the people.

It has become vital and imperative for Nigeria to undertake another census, as stated explicitly in our national development plan for the years 2021 to 2025, she said.

2023 Census Update
2023 Census Update

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The minister promised that the government would work with relevant agencies and the UNFPA to conduct a nationwide census that accurately reflects Nigeria’s population.

She said that the exercise would make heavy use of digital technology to produce results that were credible, trustworthy, and appropriate.

Ulla Mueller, a UNFPA resident representative, made a plea for assistance and stated that population expansion is not a problem because it might bring opportunities. 

By 2050, Nigeria’s population is expected to reach 450 million, according to Mueller, who also stated that the nation has the option of “choosing to be 450 million strong and grasp the possibilities and prospects a well-educated and well-mannered population brings to this country. Alternatively we can opt to join the 450 million people who are blind and make decisions in the dark. (2023 Census Update)

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