Why I didn’t sack Emefiele, Buhari explains full details

Why I didn’t sack Emefiele, Buhari explains full details

On Tuesday, January 16, former President Muhammadu Buhari said that he never discussed Godwin Emefiele’s potential presidential run with Emefiele, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and that’s why he didn’t fire Emefiele.

The former Special Advisor to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, made this and other revelations public in her memoir “Working with Buhari: Reflections of a Special Adviser, Media and Publicity (2015 – 2023),” which was presented in Abuja on Tuesday.

The book also presented the former president’s support of the Naira redesign strategy that was put into place by the then-emefiele, claiming that it assisted the nation in holding a free and fair general election in 2023.

The former president insisted that people with excessive wealth were the ones who objected to the policy.

The former president stated, “The scarcity of money was not intentionally done to punish Nigerians,” in the book’s twelfth chapter. People can express their will in a democracy, and we don’t try to control them. People made their own decisions knowing the consequences, and we didn’t coerce them.

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“The brilliance of the entire system was demonstrated by my state, Katsina. Although APC did not win the presidential election, they did win the governorship. Perhaps they assumed they would win easily because it was my state and they took things for granted previously. It annoys people to be taken advantage of.

When I first arrived, I met Enefiele at work. Based just on rumor, it would be unjust and wrong to remove him unless there was solid evidence against him.

“A man’s life may be plagued by injustice if he is punished; therefore, if you were to exact revenge, you had better have proof and be aware that your own life is not permanent. One day you would go.

“I pay close attention to how my coworkers are feeling about their morale. I also expect the person I replace to treat me fairly. My friends and family will be affected. I take fairness extremely seriously.

I didn’t question him when he was connected to the 2023 presidential campaign because he informed no one he was getting involved. Should it have been the case, I would have removed him and told the nation why.

“The naira redesign policy undoubtedly contributed to more transparent elections.” Those with excessive wealth were the ones who struggled with it.

“It was discovered that a bank chairman had nearly N260 million after it was alleged that the fresh notes were not available. Have I challenged the Supreme Court on this matter? No, I was unable to do so.

A few APC governors appeared in court. Although I am not materialistic and have refused to hold people to my standards, it would be unrealistic to expect all Nigerians to be the same. Condemning someone is unfair; it is up to the individual and their conscience. The book stated, “I want to continue acting in a way that makes me feel good so that I can fall asleep immediately after going to bed.”

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