Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky 2023

We most say this, since you want to know who is richest between Mohbad and Zinoleesky especially in this year 2023, This article have the answer

Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky 2023, many people are looking for the answer, and that is why we searched every nock and cranny to find the best answer,

Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky
Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky

Here you will find all the information about who is the richest between mohbad and zinoleesky. What you should do now is Keep
reading to know who is the richest between mohbad and zinoleesky.

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Mohbad And Zinoleesky as many people know they are from the same Marlians record label, I mean a record label own by the popular Nigerian singer known as naira Marley.

People are seeing Mohbad and Zinoleesky like a global sensation in Nigeria and the whole Africa, Because they have won entering the heart of millions of people not only here in Nigeria but all over the continent of Africans.

Before we can tell you who is the richest between mohbad and zinoleesky 2023 Permit me to talk about their biographies for a moment. As a result, you can appreciate both singers’ styles and points of view. Let’s begin.

Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky

Who Is Mohbad

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji (born June 8, 1996) is one of the shooting stars in the Nigerian music industry. Known by all and sundry by the moniker, Mohbad , the young musical genius is a multi-faceted artist.

Mohbad Snapchat Username

Mohbad is a rapper, songwriter and singer. the important thing about Mohbad is He became a national sensation after signing to Marlian Records by Naira Marley.

Mohbad popular singer rose to international stardom After collaborating with musician and producer Rexxie to create Ko Po Ke, he became a global celebrity (KPK).

Mohbad House

Of course the popular singer Mohbad resides in a serviced apartment building in Lekki Lagos. And also the proud owner of two exotic cars, which can be found in his garage. Some people know him the moniker Oba Imole.

Mohbad is also comes from the street 3years back that is what we got in his history, and no one knows him in the entertainment industry but today he is among the top ten Rappers in Nigeria and even his name is heard throughout the entire industry.

Mohbad Net Worth

Mohbad Net Worth According to net worth researchers, the legend rapper mohbad has a net worth of over $150,000 which is 62 ,000,000 million naira. Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad and Zinoleesky ?

Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky
Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky

Who Is Zinoleesky

Zinoleesky created short Instagram videos with his close friend, lil frosh, who entered the music Industry in 2018.

Zinoleesky entered worried and troubled before he reached the level he is now, because now everyone knows that Zinoleesky has become rich, famous, and a great singer that people proud of.

Zinoleesky Education

Top public and private schools in Agege provided a quality education for the talented singer Zinoleesky. He completed his primary schooling at Lively Kiddies Nursery and Primary School. From the organization, he received his First School Leaving Certificate.

He completed his high school education at a government-run secondary school and received commendable results on his SSC exams (SSCE).

Zinoleesky awards

Zinoleesky was a nominee for The Headies awards’ Next Rated Artiste category in 2022. Little Zino’s biography, songs, and other information can be found online.

Zinoleesky Snapchat Username

Most of the money he makes Comes from the Shows he make and endorsement deals that he gets.

Based on the realiable sources of information that are on the Internet like arewafact.com.ng, it was reported that he has been net worth of over $200,000 which is 86,000,000 Million naira.

Since we now know how much each of them costs, then Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad And Zinoleesky can be explained.

How Zinoleesky Makes His Money

The 28-year old musician, who was once a budding sensation in the Afrobeats scene, has now cemented his place as a significant player in the business by emerging as one of Nigeria’s most successful musicians.

Zinoleesky makes money from a variety of sources about his musical profession, which has helped him accumulate an astonishing $500,000. Those are the main sources of income for him.

Zinoleesky Income From Music Shows

One major source of income for Zinoleesky is his performance. Research indicates that, throughout his career, he has earned an estimated $100,000 from the concerts he has appeared in. This is equivalent to approximately N50 million in Nigerian Naira.

Depending on the type of event, Zinoleesky costs anything from $2,000 to $5,000 for each gig, according to information provided by his record company. It’s important to keep in mind that this estimate is merely an estimate and might not accurately represent his total net worth.

Zinoleesky Music Sales and Streaming

Zinoleesky’s music has become incredibly well-known in Nigeria and abroad on a variety of music outlets. His song “Party No Dey Stop” has gained popularity in Nigeria, where it is ranked #7 on Spotify, #12 on Apple Music, and #18 on Shazam.

Furthermore, the songs “Many Things” and “Personal” have also been popular, rating highly on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Deezer in Nigeria. These accomplishments show Zinoleesky’s rising stature and clout in the Nigerian music scene.

“Grit & Lust,” Zinoleesky’s album, has garnered positive reviews. In addition to appearing on Apple Music rankings in Nigeria, Cape Verde, and the Gambia, it achieved the seventh rank on Spotify’s list in Nigeria. This international recognition is a testament to Zinoleesky’s growing fan base and his capacity to connect with viewers both inside and outside of Nigeria.

Zinoleesky has amassed a fortune via live-streaming revenues and his songs. His songs have had over 10 million views on YouTube, and he has over 88,000 subscribers—however, the precise amount of money he makes from the platform is still unknown. YouTube reportedly pays between $0.5 and $3 per 1,000 views.

Furthermore, given that an artist can make $1 for every 250 Spotify plays, Zinoleesky, who has over 1.7 million Spotify listeners, may make roughly $8,000 a month from her fan base.

List of Zinoleesky’s Latest Songs and Albums 

  • Released – Many Things in 2023
  • Released – Gold Digger – in 2023 and featured by m3lon
  • Released – Lock up – in 2023, featured by Nonso Amadi
  • Released – Party no dey stop – in 2023, featured by Adekunle Gold
  • Mulla Rae – Rae-Rae-Rae-Zinoleesky’s “Good Life” In 2023, one of his most recent features

Released – Personal – in 2022

  • “Mapariwo” song became a breakout hit for Zinoleesky, earning him widespread recognition This music Released in 2020
  • Zinoleesky’s skill and musical style were further displayed in this popular single, which was released in 2020 “Kilofeshe”
  • “Caro” With Naira Marley in the mix When this collaboration song was released in 2019, it became quite popular and helped Zinoleesky reach a larger audience.
  • Zinoleesky’s mentor and fellow artist Naira Marley is honored in this song. “Naira Marley”
  • A catchy song that showcases Zinoleesky’s storytelling talent and vocal range. “Joromi”
  • Feranbanks Song – Zinoleesky feat. Energy. a catchy song that showcases Zinoleesky’s storytelling talent and vocal range.

Who is Zinoleesky’s Best Friend?

Zinoleesky’s best friend is Lil Frosh. They began their musical careers together and grew up in the streets of Lagos together. Zinoleesky claims that Lil Frosh is his best friend from school and that Kizz motivated them to pursue their musical careers. After Lil Frosh released a rap video, Daniel became an Instagram follower.

Is Zinoleesky Married?

accelerating Rapper and composer Zinoleesky, a native of Nigeria is single and has never been married. When a video of the artist kissing Shubomi, the sister of Naira Marley, appeared online, it started rumors of a possible romance. It is imperative to make clear that Shubomi and Zinoleesky are not married as of yet.

Although Zinoleesky’s purported relationship with Shubomi might still be going strong, not much is known about his former relationships or other women he may have been connected with. When it comes to his private and romantic life, Zinoleesky would rather keep things very private and out of the spotlight.

Zinoleesky House

Zinoleesky, a Nigerian music sensation, reached a significant milestone in 2023 when he bought an opulent residence. He flaunted his elegant new home while sharing the wonderful news on Instagram.

Zinoleesky Cars

Zinoleesky is well-known for his opulent automobile collection. He recently spent over 125 million Naira on a Ferrari 458 Italia. This vehicle has a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.4 seconds.

In addition, he owns a Chevrolet Camaro, which he paid about 31 million Naira for in 2021. It is a racing-specific sports vehicle.

In addition, Zinoleesky has a sturdy, off-road capable Jeep Wrangler, which is thought to be worth over 25 million Naira. Zinoleesky owns a stylish Lexus IS250, which costs roughly 4.7 million Naira, to round off his collection of automobiles.

Our assessment of the house’s value places it above 100 million Naira. His supporters gave him a lot of love and congratulations on his accomplishments. Here is a photo of Zinoleesky’s new residence and vehicles.

Zinoleesky’s Achievements and Awards

Rapper Zinoleesky has become well-known very rapidly, and in the years to come, he should have even more recognition. He stands out from other people in the field with his indisputable abilities and unwavering ambition.

Zinoleesky, who is only 28 years old, has accomplished a great deal, including taking home the Best New Artist trophy at the 2020 Urban Music Awards. His popularity and net worth are predicted to rise even more in the lead-up to the release of his new album, demonstrating his ongoing success in the music business.

Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad and
Zinoleesky 2023 ?

We most say this, since you want to know who is richest between Mohbad and Zinoleesky especially in this year 2023, This article have the answer

According to our research, Zinoleesky purchased a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sports car for 22 million naira. He is in a relationship with Shubomi, the naira merly sister. Zinoleesky is thought to be worth $200k, or 83m naira. While Mohbad’s net worth is $150K (62,000,000 naira) (62million naira).


Mohbad Real Name: Ilerioluwa Oladimeji
Mohbad Stage Name: Mohbad
Mohbad Date Of Birth: June 8, 1996
Mohbad Age: 26 years old
Mohbad Nationality: Nigerian
Mohbad State Of Origin: Lagos State
Mohbad Girlfriend: Not Disclosed
Mohbad Cars: Owned Two Exotic Cars
Mohbad Net Worth: $150K

Zinoleesky Real Name: Oniyide Azeez
Zinoleesky Stage Name: Zinoleesky
Zinoleesky Date Of Birth: November 21, 1999
Zinoleesky Age: 23 years old
Zinoleesky Nationality: Nigerian
Zinoleesky State Of Origin: Lagos State
Zinoleesky Girlfriend: Shubomi
Zinoleesky Cars: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sports car
Zinoleesky Net Worth: $200K

Who Is the Richest Between Mohbad and
Zinoleesky 2023 ?

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