We will Conduct Census In Sambisa Forest NPC Enumerators Training 2023

We will Conduct Census In Sambisa Forest NPC Enumerators Training 2023

We will Conduct Census In Sambisa Forest – NPC Chairman Statement.

NPC Enumerators Training 2023 inseurity won’t stop the National Population Commission (NPC), according to Nasir Kwarra, the NPC’s chairman, from conducting the 2023 census because persons living there…

Nasir Kwarra, the chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), stated that the census will still be conducted in 2023 despite the threat of insecurity since residents of Sambisa Forest will also be counted.

He claimed that because the EAD had previously counted the homes in the forest, nothing would prevent the government from carrying out the census in other regions of the nation.

NPC Enumerators Training
NPC Enumerators Training

Kwarra made this statement Wednesday in Abuja at a presentation for the 24th President Buhari Administration Scorecard.

The method, he claimed, would stop inaccurate data from being collected during the exercise. He claimed that the enumeration had forced the commission to have digital data of every house in the nation.

He said that approximately N100bn had been invested in the planning stage of the operation when asked how much money had been spent on it to date.

He stated, “We began the enumeration area demarcation around five years ago; the funding that was provided was little, but when Mr. President joined the team and decided that the census should go, he provided us with an initial payment of N10 billion for us to complete the EAD.

This is due to the fact that the exercise necessitates the use of technology, and we were able to create a digital map of the houses in the country by deploying people to every corner of the nation and using digital technology, GIS, GPS, and satellite imageries. ( NPC Enumerators Training ).

NPC Enumerators Training
NPC Enumerators Training

Although not all of the N197 billion was distributed, the majority of the funding for the census preparation operations came from the 2022 national budget.

Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture, claimed that careful planning and extensive use of technology would favorably alter the history of the census in Nigeria. ( NPC Enumerators Training)




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