Student Loan Scheme News Today 15, February 2024 With The Exact Remaining Days To Start

Student Loan Scheme News Today 15, February 2024 With The Exact Remaining Days To Start

Student Loan Scheme: Femi Gbajabiamila, the president’s chief of staff, said that the much-awaited Federal Student Loan Scheme would go live in the next two to three weeks.

He confirmed this during a meeting at the Presidential Villa in Abuja with a delegation from the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), which was led by its president, Lucky Emonefe.

He clarified that last-minute arrangements were being made to guarantee the policy’s successful introduction and execution.

In addition, he urged students to stand up to those who criticize the student loan program, emphasizing that its goal is to guarantee that no student—regardless of their circumstances of birth—is denied access to a high-quality education.

“Mr. President is determined that we see this through and through successfully,” he stated. Although it was originally scheduled to launch in January, anything worthwhile is worthwhile to do properly.

The launch is anticipated to occur within the next two to three weeks. Before the launch, we are making sure all the necessary procedures are in place so that there is no room for criticism.

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When the student loan program is implemented correctly, he continued, it will be a lasting legacy of the current administration.

To guarantee that no impoverished student who is actually in need of the loan is left behind, Gbajabiamila asked for the assistance of Nigerians.

We will need your assistance to ensure the success of this policy, which is intended to ensure that no student in Nigeria is left behind in their education. Although this policy is generally well-received, there may be one or two segments of society that oppose it for various reasons.

“The goal is to ensure that people are not denied an education solely due to the unconstitutional circumstances surrounding their birth.”

“Now that education ought to be a right rather than a privilege, no impoverished child should be denied what ought to be a right.

Gbajabiamila continued, “So when voices speak out against it, we expect you to rise in support; this is something that you all support, embrace, and work towards its success.”

The President’s Chief of Staff further reassured the students that the administration was prepared to stop any impending walkout by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) members.

He claims that the union is currently tackling issues that are on the government’s agenda.

He said that President Tinubu had put a stop to the university and higher education sector’s academic union strike through several orders.

“As you have said previously, we can always try our best to avert strikes such as this. Fortunately, we have a President who is more than determined that the days of strike are over and behind us. We are trying to address that, we are looking at issues that concern ASUU, the impending strike, and I believe we should be able to avert that.” “We are optimistic that we can prevent the strikes,” he said.

A Youth Advisory Council will counsel the President on problems about youth and other matters related to youth development, according to the Chief of Staff, who also praised the presence of young people on the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

“Among you are two allies who are filling in for you in the government. We are discussing an idea that hasn’t yet materialized, but hopefully it will. We hope that the Youth Advisory Council, which will meet periodically to advise the President on issues about youth and other items crucial to young development, will soon come to pass, said Gbajabiamila.

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