Reasons Why Nasims Portal Login is not Accessible ? And The Solution

Reasons Why NASIMS Portal Login is not Accessible ? And The Solution

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Topic: The Causes of the Inaccessibility of the NASIMS Portal Login at NPower’s Latest News Today.

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Many comments have been made about Npower recipients being unable to access the NASIM Portal login.Therefore, we have made the decision to inform you of your options and provide you advice.

Arewafact is aware that there are currently some technical difficulties making the NASIM portal inaccessible. also known to the NASIMS management.

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Because there aren’t many actions to be done through the portal, the NASIMS administration hasn’t yet taken the appropriate measures.

Nasims recommended all recipients to validate their information on the portal before the site went down or became inaccessible so that any pending stipends could be paid out quickly. which the majority beneficiary did. and practically all beneficiaries who verified their accounts have received cash.

Another reason the NASIMS Management has not yet taken any action is because they have not yet received confirmation from the present administration that the NPower Program will continue.


As was previously mentioned, NPower/NASIMS declared that its administration has distributed unpaid amounts for the months of October, November, and December 2022 to individuals who verified their accounts on the NASIMS Portal. When President Tinubu’s new administration approves funding and the continuation of the NPower Program, additional payments will be made.

Others allege that despite validating their accounts on the NASIMS Portal, they never received their backlog stipend payments.

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However, several NPower beneficiaries claimed that the Federal Government had approved enough money to pay January and February’s wages as well as the backlog of stipends for October, November, and December for all beneficiaries. But as usual, it’s possible that the funds were misdirected.

Please be patient and cooperative with NPower Management as they take their time to fix the NASIMS Portal login and start payments whenever it is suitable for them. This advice is extended to all NPower Beneficiaries.

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