NSCDC Latest Update: NSCDC Candidates Should Notice Why HND holders and the nigeria security and civil defence corps are complaining

NSCDC Latest Update: NSCDC Candidates Should Notice Why HND holders and the nigeria security and civil defence corps are complaining

HND holders at the NSCDC complain about uneven career advancement

NSCDC Latest Update: Higher National Diploma (HND)-holding members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) have criticized the disparity between them and their colleagues who possess university degrees.

Therefore, the complainants urged the Federal Government to make things right under the auspices of Concerned HND Holders in NSCDC.

They bemoaned the unfair treatment and lack of professional advancement in the corps as a result of the prejudice.

The impacted staff made hints that their morale inside the service had been lowered by the discrepancy in the service’s organizational structure.

The distinction between degree and HND holders in the NSCDC, Fire Immigration, and Prison Services was recently eliminated by the Federal Government.

In particular, the disgruntled NSCDC claimed that the 2012 HND holders’ intakes were subject to discrimination as compared to their peers in other sister agencies under the same Ministry of Interior.

In a petition that our correspondent was able to get from the group, it was stated that: “HND holders were recruited into the NSCDC in the year 2012 as Inspector of Corps level (Grade Level 07). NCE holders were assigned to GL 07 and BSc holders to GL 08 in the same year using the same process.

“This was based on the terms of service at the time, which were a poor indicator of suppressing some groups of people instead of encouraging competency and proactiveness between HND holders and BSc, as is found in other sister agencies for effective service delivery because of how delicate the responsibility for security is.

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“In 2014, the statutory year to be confirmed, in accordance with Public Service Rules, we wrote the Confirmation and Promotion examination with the BSc equivalents.

“The BSc holders were advanced, but in our case, contrary to current regulations, we were neither properly placed nor promoted after passing the COMPRO exam.”

The group pleaded with President Bola Tinubu, the Senate President, and everyone else involved to look into their case and elevate them to the proper rank that corresponds with their length of service.

It also noted that all officers hired in 2016 as Assistant Superintendent of Corps II (ASCII) received automatic promotions to the next rank, whereas all HND holders hired in 2012 are still stuck in their grade level 7 Inspectors of Corps positions until 2018.
The HND/BSc distinction was abolished by the Federal Government in 2018, but it had already been adopted since 2016 in other sibling paramilitary organizations under the Ministry of Interior. Because of that, HND 2012 intakes were able to advance to ASCII (Level 8) in 2018.

Up to 95% of us, HND holders who were recruited in 2012, have been miserably stuck at one star (ASCII, GL 08) up until now, which is the year 2023. The majority of our BSc holders, peers, who we were recruited together in the year 2012, are now at the rank of Superintendent (Eagle, i.e. GL 11!

“After being refused promotion exams for a number of years, 2022 marked the fourth year in a row that we wrote and passed promotion exams without being promoted!

With the exception of those who took the HND 2012 intake, who have been repeatedly refused for years, all other categories of workers, including those who took the SSCE, NCE, and trade tests, wrote promotion exams when they were scheduled to.

“Some junior officers who were initially hired in 2012 with the lowest rank, CAIII, GL 03, and later enrolled in part-time degree programs were not only converted to the senior rank but also mysteriously promoted to two-star (ASCI, GL 09), placing them above us who were initially hired in 2012 with HND Certificates!

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“Since April 16, 2012, when we were formally joined into NSCDC (11 years ago), the majority of us have no idea what a promotion letter looks like. Up until this point, not even the ‘2016 Advancement’ has received a letter to that effect!

“In the NSCDC, it has become a yearly tradition for officers from the junior cadre to be promoted to the Superintendent cadre. This causes an unnecessary and dubious spike in the number of senior officers in the Corps and makes promotion to the next rank incredibly challenging, which is bad for those of us who were hired in 2012 with an HND certificate.

“After the dichotomy was eliminated, The NSCDC began upgrading both the Bsc and HND holders of the 2019 intakes at once. One star was awarded to those who were hired and received training in 2022. This means that, like their colleagues in the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS), they would be hanging two stars as soon as their COMPRO results are taken into account. Without sugarcoating it, this puts us in the awkward, unpleasant, and intolerable situation of having to be juniors to two recruit batches that come after us (i.e., the 2016 and 2019 intakes)!.

“After 11 years of enlisting in the NSCDC’s active service, our career stagnation is unfair and unjust. There is no denying that this violates the Public Service Rule, which states that officers in our cadre may advance no more than three ranks at a time. As we have been egregiously underserved in previous years, we shouldn’t be required to write another promotion exam this year.

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