Npower Extends: Npower Calls More Selected Applicants to Validate Accounts

Npower Extends Npower Calls More Selected Applicants to Validate Accounts

The most recent Npower upgrade has increased the number of preselected candidates who are invited to go through account validation. The batch C2 beneficiary confirmation process is receiving more attention from Npower management.

An increasing number of people who were preselected for the Npower program are now getting validation invites, inviting them to sign up for the program by validating their accounts using the following link:

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The Npower Nasims Account Validation Link is also accessible for those who are interested.

Preselected applicants are those who were initially chosen but were unable to participate in the Npower physical verification process, preventing them from becoming beneficiaries. They now have a second opportunity to verify their accounts, turn into beneficiaries, and start receiving payments.

We respectfully urge your compliance if you applied for the Npower batch C2 program and received the following message:

“Dear Applicant, You have been pre-selected for the N-power Batch C2 program. Please confirm your status by visiting the portal”

The Npower management team looks to be working hard to keep their promise to enroll 500,000 beneficiaries as part of batch C2.

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Last week, NPower continued to send validation messages for the account number and BVN Verification, as a result of the few weeks they stopped sending messages. But this time they have back, but still haven’t revealed how many days they will allow beneficiaries to validate their account. because of that if you didn’t please before they stop.

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