New date for census and NPC Training Update Today 8 May 2023

New date for census and NPC Training Update Today 8 May 2023

The new Enumerators and Supervisors training date is not set, but beyond postponement, all preparations should be made to give a reliable headcount this time.

NPC Training Update Today – The scheduled date for the 2023 population and housing census has yet again been moved by the federal government. Despite the fact that a decennial headcount was the policy, the most recent population and housing census was conducted in 2006. Another was overdue since 2016, but within a year of coming into power, the Buhari administration was unable to combine resources. It’s unclear why 2023—a general election year—was chosen as the new date. NPC Training Update Today ?


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The fact that the two should not mix should have been evident.

Every attempt to count the population has been contentious from the first census, a small headcount made exclusively in the Lagos Colony in 1866. Estimating future tax collection was the main objective under colonial rulers. Therefore, the population estimates from 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911 were far from accurate because each was despised in different parts of the nation.

Following the 1914 merger, further significant attempts were made, supported by mobilization. A pretty decent census was held in 1921, just before the Clifford Constitution, which established the electoral concept, was put into effect. This was followed by the 1931 exercise and the 1952 count.

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After independence, things deteriorated since a 1962 attempt at a headcount resulted in bitter conflict between the provinces and ethnic groupings. Another undertaken in 1963 that was as contentious but accepted for planning purposes was also canceled.

The figures returned in 1973, under the leadership of Sir Adetokunbo Ademola, the first indigenous Chief Justice, were so absurd that the chairman petitioned General Yakubu Gowon, the Head of State, to dismiss them.

That continued to be the case until 1991, when Alhaji Shehu Musa, a mathematician and former Federal Government Secretary who had pledged a scientific headcount, was given the job. Even at that point, the Census Tribunal received a deluge of complaints, some coming from places where no enumerators were visible.

NPC Training Update Today

The population and housing census conducted in 2006 during the Obasanjo administration introduced a number of factors that were anticipated to aid social and economic planners in providing for the rapidly expanding population.

The National Population Commission (NPC), which asked for the availability of more funds to purchase some technology equipment needed, requested that the 2023 exercise, which was originally scheduled for March 29–April 3 be moved to May 3-5. A few days before the count started in May, the government decided to postpone it indefinitely. Pre-census planning has already consumed about N300 billion. However, the commission claims that approximately N600 billion is needed to produce a reliable census. The decision to delay it is more upsetting than the explanations provided.

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First, the amount of funds available is insufficient for a project that has required so much and for which the Buhari administration had almost eight years to prepare. Second, according to the Federal Government, there must be room for the incoming administration to contribute. It should have been evident that a census could not be carried out so soon after a new government took office without participation from that new government, which would be responsible for handling the aftermath.

Given that the environment is still tainted by the contestation of some election results, even if the program had been held in March, post-enumeration festivities would have continued throughout the most of the year.

According to Nigeria’s census history, such an activity cannot be conducted during an election year. The future administration shouldn’t be immediately burdened with managing subsequent census issues because it has so much to think about, including reducing ethno-religious tension in the country, resetting the economic system, and winning over support from the general populace.

Modern socio-economic planning depends too much on population censuses to treat them lightly, as we do in Nigeria. The sophistication of contemporary civilization is such that it is forcing everyday changes in human wants. Therefore, it’s crucial that the new administration takes it seriously, beginning with a vigorous mobilization of the populace, utilizing the departments under the Federal Ministry of Information, and engaging completely the states and local government councils.

NPC Training Update Today

Although the NPC has stated that the delayed census is a digital one, few Nigerians are aware of what that entails. A project that is predicted to cost this much money calls for careful planning and restraint, especially in a nation where multidimensional poverty is estimated to be around 65%. Development depends on the census, but the census must be reliable.

NPC Training Update Today

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