NDE Empowers Men, Women, and Youths in Micro Enterprises and Vocational Skills In This State

NDE Empowers Men, Women, and Youths in Micro Enterprises and Vocational Skills

In Ebonyi State, Southeast Nigeria, the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) has initiated a training and empowerment program to provide men, women, and youths with skills in a variety of fields, including confectionary, batik fabric manufacturing, and Micro Enterprises Scheme (MEES).

The NDE Director-General, Mallam Nuhu Fikpo, made the announcement at the NDE Conference Room in the State Capital of Abakaliki, about the start of the training and empowerment program. NDE State Coordinator Mr. Don Anaba is representing the initiative, which will help 178 people in total.

Anaba broke down the beneficiaries, listing 98 people for MEES, 20 women for creating batik fabric, 20 women for making souvenirs, 20 people for confections, and 20 more for crocheting.

Pastor Anaba, who praised the NDE’s efforts in addressing unemployment in the nation, urged participants to take the training seriously. He underlined the value of independence, pointing out that no government can employ all of its people.

The importance of applying gained talents for financial security was underscored by Dr. Ekea Awa Ekea, Head of the Department of Small Scale Enterprises, who also pointed out the trend of prioritizing practical skills above academic credentials.

Recognizing the program’s potential to help their families, Mrs. Nwizi Martha, Head of the Unit, Women Employment Branch, encouraged female participants to participate proactively.

Thanking beneficiaries on behalf of other parties Ogodo Sunday and Mrs. Nweke Chinyere expressed gratitude to the NDE for their efforts to improve Nigerians’ quality of life.

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