N-Power 2023: Fresh Issues and Update on Nasims stipends Payment of Beneficiaries Read more

N-Power 2023: Fresh Issues and Update on Nasims stipends Payment of Beneficiaries Read more

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has requested that the current batch of N-Power scheme beneficiaries be aware of NASIMS’ message, which was intended in particular for Npower batch C beneficiaries who were not chosen for the program. Npower C beneficiaries are advised to continue regularly checking their dashboard for any updates. View more:

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Abuja, FCT – Those who are N-Power Batch C beneficiaries have received a new notice from the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS).

Candidates for the N-Power program who have not yet been chosen are ineligible to receive money, according to NASIMS.

As a result, the program recommended potential beneficiaries “regularly monitor the dashboard for any update.”

News about Npower payments from NASIMS Under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, NASIMS serves as the central management platform for managing and coordinating the National Social Investment Programmes (NSIPs).

One of the NSIPs is the well-known N-Power scheme, which is currently in its third phase (Batch C).

The beneficiaries of Stream I from the present batch have already left, but Stream II joined in late 2022.

On Sunday, May 7, NASIMS issued a communiqué to N-Power Batch C beneficiaries via its official Facebook page. See the complete message below.

Npower C Beneficiaries, Please Read! Please be aware that you are not eligible for payment if you have not been chosen as a program beneficiary.

“You are urged to constantly check your dashboard for any updates.

N-Power: The FG offers a critical update on the beneficiaries’ unpaid backlog, according to arewafact.com.In a previous report, NASIMS said that backlog payments for verified accounts of N-Power program users

were being made gradually

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ere being made gradually.

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