Latest NPower News For Today 20th April Full Details

Latest NPower News For Today 20th April Full Details

Npower Health Beneficiaries Got N-power MGT Attention

Latest NPower News For Today – The N-power MGT Pays Attention to Npower Health Recipients in Today’s Newest Npower News. Npower asked N-Health beneficiaries how things were doing at their PPA in a post that was posted on its social media communication channels. Npower stated, “Tell us about your experience; we’d like to know.”

Npower’s National Social Investment Program includes Npower Health as one of its categories (NSIP). The program’s goal is to enhance the health outcomes for vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women, children under the age of five, and people with disabilities, by utilizing the nation’s current public health system.

Young graduates have the chance to work as volunteer health aides in numerous primary healthcare facilities across the nation under the N-Power Health program.

The program aims to solve Nigeria’s severe scarcity of healthcare professionals, particularly in rural regions, and to raise the standard of healthcare services made available to the general public.

Candidates must be Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 35, hold a degree or diploma in a health-related profession, and either have completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program or have an exemption certificate to be eligible for the program. you can Check 👇


Participants in the N-Power Health program receive the information, training, and resources they need to deliver fundamental health services like health promotion, community outreach, and health education. Additionally, they help medical experts deliver crucial healthcare services to the neighborhood.

Participants in the N-Power Health program receive a monthly honorarium as well as additional rewards to support their work as volunteer health aides. Participants are expected to go on to other work options or launch their enterprises after the program’s one-year duration.

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