Latest News On Health Workers Recruitiment In Nigeria 2024

Latest News On Health Workers Recruitiment In Nigeria 2024

Ministry of Health Receives Approval From FEC To Hire Healthcare Professionals

Health Workers Recruitiment In Nigeria 2024: The Federal Executive Council granted the Federal Ministry of Health the power to authorize the hiring of medical personnel who are in urgent need to streamline the administrative process.

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the Federal Executive Council met and made several decisions, one of which was this one.

Key points of the resolution decided upon at the FEC meeting on Wednesday, January 7, 2024:

  1. The Group Life Assurance for Federal employees, clergy, paramilitary personnel, and intelligence officials for N9.2 billion has been approved.
  1. Granting the state of Oyo’s request to rebuild the Ojco interchange at Moniya-Akinyele. The project will be funded by the Oyo government.
  2. Give your approval to the signing of an agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria to end double taxation on income taxes and to stop tax evasion and avoidance. To resolve the issue of double taxation, support our industries, and promote foreign direct investment, the government instructed the Attorney General to draft an executive bill.
  3. The ratification of the Nigerian-United Arab Emirates agreement on the mutual promotion and protection of investments was also approved by the FEC.
  4. The Council discussed the issues facing our pharmaceutical companies and how to protect them by lowering taxes and excise duties so that our citizens can get more affordable medications.
  5. The budget reinstated funding for around 13 health regulatory entities that had been cut in the 2024 budget.
  6. The military minister and his solid minerals equivalent should investigate enforcement mechanisms to prevent illicit logging, mining, and other activities.
  7. The policy guidelines on transnational education in Nigeria were approved by the FEC.
  8. To cut down on red tape, the Federal Ministry of Health was granted permission by the FEC to authorize the hiring of medical personnel who are in urgent need.

To address the current issues facing this sector of our industry, an executive order is in the works. To address mitigating issues facing the entire industry, the government will also shortly speak with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.

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