Have You Check your dashboard for the second training materials for the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program?

Have You Check your dashboard for the second training materials for the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program?

A significant milestone has been attained by the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) Program with the release of the second set of training materials to candidates. Participants in the program are urged to keep an eye on their dashboards and continue with their coursework. An important development in the continuous training program is the assignment of trainers to candidates.

Building Nigeria’s technical talent base to power the digital economy and establish the nation as a net talent exporter is the goal of the 3MTT Program, a major initiative of the Renewed Hope agenda. Several parties are involved in the effort, which is being carried out in partnership with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). These parties include placement organizations, fellows, partners, and training providers.

There are three stages to the training curriculum. Thirty thousand people were chosen for the first phase, and 300,000 people were chosen for the second phase, which was supposed to start in February 2024. The remaining 3 million people are anticipated to be included in the third and final phase, which would result in the creation of a sizable pool of highly qualified technical experts in Nigeria.

Minister of Innovation, Digital Economy, and Communications Bosun Tijani stressed the role that the 3MTT program plays in realizing the agenda for Renewed Hope. Digital marketing, software development, UI/UX design, data analysis, quality assurance, product management, data science, animation, AI/ML, cybersecurity, game development, and cloud computing are just a few of the many ICT skills that are covered in the curriculum.

All Nigerians who are interested in learning lifelong skills and are older than eighteen are eligible to apply for the 3MTT initiative. It chooses people who are interested in particular talents and pays for their training through a variety of partnering training providers. Both training providers and fellows are not charged for the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program.

After completing the 3MTT program successfully, participants get a certificate of accomplishment and help to find jobs with employers who need their abilities. The program’s objectives are to close the skills gap in the digital sphere and enable people to make significant contributions to Nigeria’s developing economy.

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