Governor Fubara behind the kidnapping in Abuja Nigeria Samuel Nwanosike – Read Full Details

Governor Fubara behind the kidnapping in Abuja Nigeria Samuel Nwanosike – Read Full Details

According to Mr. Samuel Nwanosike, Mr. Fubara allegedly took action to remove the current FCT Minister and recently departed Rivers governor Nyesom Wike from office.

Governor Sim Fubara has been accused by Samuel Nwanosike, the chairman of the Ikwerre Local Government Area in Rivers State, of masterminding the ongoing kidnappings occurring in the Federal Capital Territory.

In a video posted on his X Twitter on Sunday, Mr. Nwanosike said that Mr. Fubara’s purported action was intended to undermine and remove current FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers, from office.

The Ikwerre chairman addressed hundreds of his followers at the Omerelu community in the video, saying, “He is paying people to go and tell Abuja that Wike is playing politics in Rivers state and that they are doing kidnapping in Abuja.”

This indicates that Fubara is among those who encourage the kidnappings in Abuja because he desires Nyesom Wike to step down from the government. Nyesom Wike will remain in his position. vile When Mr. Nwanosike told his fans, they erupted in raucous cries of “foul.”

Mr. Nwasonike said that since Mr. Fubara was paying Chijoke Ihunwo, the chairman of the Rivers Youth Council, to attack the FCT minister, he would also keep insulting the governor. He further claimed that the governor had not accomplished anything since taking office.

The LG chair declared, “Fubara is a foolish governor because he has done nothing for Rivers people since taking office on May 29.”

The head of the local government asserted that despite the heightened level of insecurity in the country’s capital, President Bola Tinubu would not yield to Mr. Fubara’s clumsy attempts to remove Mr. Wike from office because he is satisfied with the latter’s performance.

He said, “I’m glad Tinubu is happy that Nyesom Wike is delivering in the service of democracy. Tinubu is aware of who he appointed.”

Rivers commissioner for information Joe Johnson told Peoples Gazette that he was “just hearing it now,” so he wasn’t aware of the accusations, but he would respond if he could verify the claim.

Last week, Mr. Wike claimed that the military incursions in Kaduna and Niger states, which drove out numerous bandits from the area, were the cause of the increased kidnappings in Abuja.

Before the president stepped in and crafted a resolution with the minister’s interests in mind, Messrs. Wike and Fubara had been at odds over state issues.

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